Christopher Trumble is an architect and assistant professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Arizona. He received a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science and Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois. A registered architect since 1995, he has experience with diverse building types in diverse contexts. His current practice is focused on residential, small-scale commercial and furniture design projects.

Christopher is a LEED accredited professional and serves as the coordinator of the building technology stream in the School of Architecture at the University of Arizona where he is responsible for the conception, development and administration of the structures curriculum. He is an award-winning teacher. He has taught courses in many areas of building technologies from lighting design, environmental systems, materials and methods of construction to structures. He teaches architectural design studios that emphasize the development and integration of building technologies.



Christopher Trumble's research and creative work investigates structure, material, geometry and fabrication processes. His structures courses utilize empirical methodologies to study structural behavior and cultivate qualitative structural design sensibilities through the symbiotic conceptual criteria of force, form, material and connection. Christopher critically examines performance based comprehensive design and the integration of building technologies through architectural design studios.

He researches design in nature and the harvesting of natural technologies through his elective course entitled the nature of structure. Furniture design is a primary component of his creative work and the topic of his course entitled geometry, material and ergonomics. Christopher's professional practice examines use, material, structure and fabrication processes in small-scale commercial, residential and community service projects. As a perennial member of the school's curriculum committee he is an active participant in the strategic and empirical endeavor of curriculum development and


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Office Location: Smith House, 1195 E. Speedway Blvd.
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