Simplicity often eludes practitioners of this profession.   From the perceived movement of the sun in the sky to an understanding of how heat moves through matter and the air, I have found many practitioners to find these facts to be unimportant and beneath their concern.   With the resurgent interest in energy use of building and sustainability these simple principles are becoming an area of concern and interest within the profession.  Learning the fundamental principles of environmental control systems requires no special mental ability, but developing a true conception of them takes careful study aided with continual observation of the world around you.  When students are encouraged to incorporate what they are learning with their personal experience they are more likely to create a lasting understanding of the subject.  I have found the students I have taught to be interested in the subject, but have often struggled with the integration of the concepts into their design projects.  When I have been able to work with the students to reinforce and incorporate the principles into their design work they develop a more complete grasp of the subject matter.  The successful integration and application of environmental control systems into the profession practice of architecture is my continual goal.  


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Shade structure on south side of Moeller / Farkas Residence.  Designed to shade south facing windows while allowing passive solar gain in winter and blocking direct gain from Spring Equinox thru Summer to Fall Equinox.  Incorporates custom tube steel brackets to support steel trellis with perforated stainless panels for durability and admiattance of diffuse light.

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Outdoor room for a private residence in Tucson, AZ.  Designed to maximize daylight and natural ventilation for both visual and thermal comfort.

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PARK(ing) Day 2008, Student project to fabricate a shade structure for bike parking in car parking space on University of Arizona Campus.  Student team members:  Dani Alvarez, Paul Frederickson, Mike Farley, Ezra Roati, Kevin Garrison, Rauli Lehtinen, Tyler Jorgenson, Dalal Alqattan, Evan Shallcross 

"PARK(ing) Day" is a Registered Servicemark of REBAR Group, Inc

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Central American Education and Environment Fund (CAFE), Metapan, El Salvador.  Design and Feasibilty study.  Classroom buildings conditioned only with natural ventilation.