Siri Trumble is a registered architect in the State of Arizona, and has been practicing in Tucson since graduating from the University of Arizona in 2003.  Before receiving her Bachelor of Architecture, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Occidental College, Los Angeles in 1998.

In 2007, Siri joined Folan Trumble Architects where the majority of her work has engaged the residential realm.  Past commercial projects have included educational, health care and recreational facilities.  Her experience lies in the management of all phases of the project delivery process, spanning from pre-design to construction administration; leading coordination between owners, contractors and consulting engineers, and balancing the scope of the project with design integrity, budget and schedules.

Concurrent with professional practice, Siri has served as an Adjunct Lecturer and Lecturer in the School of Architecture for seven terms.  Her work with the School of Architecture has deepened her awareness of the elements necessary in the making of appropriate and sound architecture; a phenomenon that arises through discourse between student and teacher.  Teaching enriches professional practice - further expanding and fine-tuning the sensibilities of the discipline of architecture.

The making of architecture is a public act, a social phenomenon, claiming the capacity to engender profound respect for the cultures and traditions that define Place.  Buildings respond to our histories, tell the stories of our existences, honor landscape, climate and make a contribution, a dedication to the prosperity of civilization.  As an agent of the built domain, Siri seeks to ensure that we tread lightly, and that we respond to the values of our collective.

The making of architecture requires much reflection, introspection and an existential awareness of being in the world; belonging.  In her work, Siri strives to perceive deeply - a multi-sensory activity - sensitive to characteristics of site / place, material / technique, experience / memory.  Her aim is to build with integrity, in defense of poetic dwelling. 


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