Bachelor of Arts in Design Arts & Practices

Bachelor of Arts in Design Arts & Practices

Design a changing world.

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Offered by the College of Fine Arts, the four-year Bachelor’s in Design Arts and Practices is for students interested in applying interdisciplinary creative thinking and creative making to tackle real-world problems, including climate change, public health emergencies and social and environmental inequity.

CAPLA offers two of the BA DAP degree’s four emphasis areas: Object Design and Spatial Design. As a BA DAP student, you’ll develop critical thinking and interdisciplinary design skills as well as gain a practical understanding of theories and contemporary issues. Discover how to apply design thinking and making skills to problem-seeking and problem-solving, social justice, environmental design, health and wellbeing and much more.

Print Design is offered by the School of Art and Screen Design is offered by the School of Information. The College of Fine Arts confers the degree, and advising is managed through CFA, as well.

What You'll Learn

  • Design thinking
  • Divers media, scales and applications of design practices
  • 2D and 3D design fundamentals
  • Hand craft and digital fabrication
  • Innovative and ecological mass production processes
  • Analog and digital representation and professional communication
  • Material and ecologies for design
  • Contemporary art, design and architectural histories and theories
  • Handheld, portable objects and systems development
  • Interior, installation and exhibition design
  • Mapping, analyzing and responding to exterior and urban environments

You’ll graduate ready to thrive in a profession of increasing importance that is solving the world's most urgent and complex challenges.


By communicating complex information through data visualizations, designing innovative solutions using rapid prototyping and fabrication, and devising new ways to conceive and inhabit spaces, designers solve the world’s most urgent and complex challenges.

Beth Weinstein, Associate Professor of Architecture

Student making

The CAPLA Student Experience

Design culture is unlike any collegiate experience. You’ll be part of a community not just of fellow students, but also of faculty who are committed to the exploration, intensity and fun of studio learning and making in our state-of-the-art facilities and the diverse multicultural community of Tucson.

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CAPLA Design/Build townhome

CAPLA Design/Build: Students, Faculty and Clients Building a Changing World

CAPLA Design/Build involves students in hands-on design and construction projects via studio courses, independent study and other courses with lab components.

In CAPLA Design/Build, you'll learn by doing—a powerful way to gain and retain knowledge because of the immediate application to tangible design and build problems.

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