Graduate Certificate in Energy Efficient Building Design

The Graduate Certificate in Energy Efficient Building Design is designed as both a stand-alone program and to be integrated with other degrees, including the Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, or Master of Science in Urban Planning. The student is responsible for choosing the appropriate option and, in the case of a degree program, working with the Energy Effcient Building Design Certificate Coordinator and his/her degree program advisor to develop a mutually agreeable plan of study. Students must comply to the University of Arizona’s Graduate College eligibility requirements including a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale from a baccalaureate degree.  Students who bring in units from NDS, outside transfer, or a UA Major other than MS PLNG, MLA LAR, MS ARCH, must complete a minimum of 12 units ‘in residence’ in the certificate program. If they bring in more than 6 units from another program, they may take ARC 597B Special Projects in Architecture to complete the residence units.


The CAPLA community is dedicated to nurturing and teaching design and planning methodologies that are grounded in an ethic of authentic, responsible, hands-on engagement. In this way, our graduates are prepared to transform the built environment.

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