Rachel LaMantia, Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments and Master of Science in Architecture graduate.

Alumni Profile | Rachel LaMantia (SBE '14, MS.Arch '16)

The SBE and MS.Arch alumna turned her interests into a career.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments and Master of Science in Architecture graduate Rachel LaMantia tried a number of programs at the University of Arizona before finding the SBE program, which kick-started her education and launched her career. She began her undergraduate studies as a pre-architecture student at CAPLA, but soon decided it was not quite what she was looking for in a program. She switched her major to Environmental Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, but realized that while she loved the science and sustainability courses, she was missing the design and creativity that had originally drawn her to the Architecture program.

She still remembers the moment she learned about the then-new Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments degree and read the program description: “It combined the design and creativity of Architecture with the science and sustainability of Environmental Sciences, it was a perfect fit for me.”

Rachel says, “After graduating from SBE, I went on to earn my Master of Science in Architecture, Design and Energy Conservation. SBE allowed me to seamlessly transition into that program, applying credits achieved as an undergrad towards credits needed for my graduate degree. I am now an EnergyRater for a company called EnergyLogic in Denver, Colorado. As a RESNET® EnergyRater I go to new construction residential homes, at both rough and final stages, and perform energy inspections and tests. I inspect insulation and air barriers, perform HVAC and building envelope leakage tests, and measure fan flows and bedroom pressure. From there I enter all of the data gathered and test results into Ekotrope, an energy modelling software, where I then get an energy efficiency score for the house. This is all done in hopes of creating healthier and more resilient homes, while also reducing energy consumption.”

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