Prefix Numbersort descending Course Title Type
ARC 101 Foundation Studio 1 CALA
ENGL 101 First-Year Composition Gen Ed
ENGL 102 First-Year Composition Gen Ed
PHYS 102 Introductory Physics I Gen Ed
ARC 102 Foundation Studio 2 CALA
MATH 111 Plane Trigonometry Gen Ed
MATH 112 College Algebra Concepts and Applications Gen Ed
PHYS 181 Introductory Laboratory I Gen Ed
ARC 201 Design Studio 1 CALA
ARC 202 Design Studio 2 CALA
ARC 221 Building Technology 1: Structures CALA
ARC 222 Building Technology 2: Materials and Methods CALA
ARC 223 Building Technology 3: Environmental Control Systems CALA
ARC 227 Architectural Programming CALA
ARC 231 History + Theory of Architecture I: Early World Architecture CALA
ARC 232 History + Theory of Architecture II: Renaissance – Early Modern World Architecture CALA
ARC 241 Design Communication 1 CALA
ARC 297M Material Fabrication 1 CALA
ARC 301 Design Studio III: Tectonic Assembly CALA
ARC 302 Design Studio IV: Land Ethic CALA
ARC 321 Building Technology 4: Materials and Methods Ii CALA
ARC 322 Building Technology 5: Structures 2 CALA
ARC 326 Site Planning CALA
ARC 332 History + Theory of Architecture III: Modern Architecture CALA
ARC 341 Design Communication II CALA
HNRS 395A Framing the Desert Through Creative and Reflexive Practices Gen Ed
ARC 397m Material Fabrication 2 CALA
ARC 401/501 Design Studio 5: Technical Systems CALA
ARC 402/502 Design Studio 6: Culture CALA
ARC 421 Building Technology 6: Envrionmental Control Systems 2 CALA
ARC 422 Building Technology 7: Structures 3 CALA
ANTH 440a/540a Cultural Resources Management Gen Ed
ARC 441/541 Contract Documents CALA
ARC 451/551 Design Studio 7 CALA
ARC 451A Advanced Topics Options Studio CALA
ARC 452 Design Studio 8: Senior (Capstone) Project CALA
ARC 459/550c Ethics and Practice CALA
ARC 461F/561F Nature of Structures CALA
ARC 461i/561i Materials: Properties + Tests CALA
ARC 471B Architecture in the Age of Media Convergence CALA
ARC 471N Arid Region Urbanism: Arizona/Sonora CALA
ARC 471s/571s History 4: Urban Design - History and Theory CALA
ARC 481e/581e Architecture in the Mediterranean CALA
ARC 481F/581F Biometrics CALA
ARC 497a/597a Research Methods: Emerging Building Technologies CALA
ARC 497b/597b Special Project in Architecture CALA
ARC 497P/597P Architecture/Performance CALA
ARC 498 Capstone Preparation CALA
ARC 593 or equivalent Internship CALA
Open Elective Non-Architectural Gen Ed
Elective Foreign Language Deficiency Fall 1st Year Gen Ed
ARC Required Elective 2 CALA
ARC Required Elective 3 CALA
ARC Required Elective 4 CALA
ARC Required Elective 1 CALA
NATS Tier 1 Elective Gen Ed
TRAD Tier 1 Gender/Ethnicity Gen Ed
TRAD/INDV Tier 1 Elective Gen Ed
NATS Tier 2 Spring 5th Year Gen Ed
INDV Tier 2 Spring 4th year Gen Ed
HUM Tier 2 Fall 5th Year Gen Ed