Prefix Number Course Titlesort ascending Type
Open Elective [not a program requirement] CALA
CHEE 204 Water and Energy: Conventional and Alternative Systems CALA
GEOG 379 Urban Growth and Development CALA
PLG 520 U.S. Housing and Homebuilding CALA
PLG/RED 468/568 Transportation Planning CALA
PLG 599-018 Transportation and Land Use CALA
GEOG 431A Traditional Ecological Knowledge Gen Ed
- - Tier II Humanities / Diversity Emphasis Gen Ed
- - Tier II Arts Gen Ed
- - Tier I Traditions and Cultures Gen Ed
- - Tier I Individuals and Societies Gen Ed
PLG/RED 476/576 The Land Development Process CALA
TEST 999 Test Course CALA
PLG 497S/597S Sustainable Development CALA
SBE 201 Sustainable Design and Planning CALA
ARC 461E/561E Sustainable Design and LEED Initiative CALA
PLG/RNR 256 Sustainable Cities and Societies Gen Ed
RED 410/510 Survey of Responsible Real Estate Development CALA
NATS Tier 2 Spring 5th Year Gen Ed
INDV Tier 2 Spring 4th year Gen Ed
Advanced Electives Spring 3rd year CALA
Advanced Elective Spring 2nd Year Gen Ed
ARC 497b/597b Special Project in Architecture CALA
ARC 160D1 Sonora CALA
ARC 526 Site Planning and Analysis CALA
ARC 326 Site Planning CALA
LAR 554 Site Engineering CALA
PLG 211 Sex in the City CALA
SBE 498/498H Senior Capstone CALA
- - Second Semester Second Language Gen Ed
ARC 601 Rsearch Studio CALA
ARC 601 Research Studio CALA
ARC 497a/597a Research Methods: Emerging Building Technologies CALA
ARC 597a Research Methods CALA
SBE 380 Research Methods CALA
ARC XXX required studio--consult with faculty advisor CALA
ARC XXX required course #3; consult with faculty advisor CALA
ARC XXX Required course #1; consult with faculty advisor CALA
PLG 624 Reports in Planning CALA
PLG 597Q Public Participation and Dispute Resolution CALA
PLG 611 Projects in Urban Planning CALA
RED 698 Professional Project for Real Estate Development CALA
LAR 560 Professional Practice CALA
SBE 393 Professional Internship CALA
SBE 202 Professional Communication and Presentation CALA
PLG 564 Preservation Planning Issues CALA
GEOG 367 Population Geography CALA
LAR 526 Planting Design CALA
LAR 420/520 Plant Materials CALA
PLG 401A/501A Planning Theory and Practice CALA
PLG 408/508 Planning for Urban Resilience CALA
MATH 111 Plane Trigonometry Gen Ed
LAR 350 Parks and Urban Public Spaces CALA
LAR Elective Optional CALA
Open Elective Non-Architectural Gen Ed
LAR 596A Neuro-Architecture: Brains, Bodies and the Biosphere CALA
ARC 461F/561F Nature of Structures CALA
ARC 461i/561i Materials: Properties + Tests CALA
ARC 597C Materials Conservation CALA
ARC 397m Material Fabrication 2 CALA
ARC 297M Material Fabrication 1 CALA
LAR 909 or 910 Masters Report or Thesis CALA
ARC 509c Masters Project Preparation CALA
ARC 909 Masters Project Preparation CALA
ARC 909 Masters Project / Masters Report CALA
PLG/RED 625 Market Analysis for Responsible Real Estate Development CALA
LAR 623 Landscape Planning Studio CALA
LAR 423/523 Landscape Ecology CALA
LAR 555 Landscape Construction CALA
LAR 596D Landscape Architecture Seminar IV CALA
LAR 596C Landscape Architecture Seminar III CALA
LAR 596B Landscape Architecture Seminar II CALA
LAR 422/522 Landscape Analysis CALA
PLG/RED 660 Land Use Planning Law CALA
PHYS 102 Introductory Physics I Gen Ed
PHYS 181 Introductory Laboratory I Gen Ed
ECOL 182L Introductory Biology II Lab Gen Ed
ECOL 182R Introductory Biology II Gen Ed
LAR/PLG 529 Introduction to the Built Environment CALA
SBE 195A Introduction to Sustainability CALA
SBS 200 Introduction to Statistics Gen Ed
PLG 301 Introduction to Regional Planning CALA
ARC/LAR 471F/571F Introduction to Heritage Conservation CALA
ARC/LAR/PL 571f Introduction to Heritage Conservation CALA
LAR 570 Introduction to GIS for Planning and Landscape Architecture CALA
LAR 530 Introduction to Digital Media CALA
SBE 301 Introduction to Design Thinking CALA
ANTH 595A Introduction to Archaeological Conservation Gen Ed
ANTH 505a Introduction to Archaeological Conservation CALA
ARC 529 Intro to the Built Environment CALA
RED 401/501 Intro to Real Estate Finance CALA
BNAD 596C Intl Trip CALA
PLG 696A Internship Analysis Seminar CALA
ARC 593 or equivalent Internship CALA
PLG 693 Internship CALA
RED 693 Internship CALA
LAR 693 Internship CALA
ARC 521c Integrated Technologies III CALA
PLG 599 Independent Study CALA
RED 599 Independent Study CALA
LAR 599 Independent Study CALA
SBE 499 Independent Study CALA
MS Arch Elective Independent Research Course #1 CALA
ARC 509a Immersion Studio CALA
ARC 509b Immersion Seminar CALA
SBE 222 History of the Built Environment II CALA
SBE 221 History of the Built Environment I CALA
Elective - History of the Built Environment (ARC 531, ARC 533 or equivalent) CALA
LAR 541 History and Theory of Landscape Architecture CALA
ARC 471s/571s History 4: Urban Design - History and Theory CALA
ARC 571s History 4 – Urban Form CALA
ARC 533 History 3 – Modern and Contemporary CALA
ARC 471s History + Theory of Architecture IV: Contemporary Architecture and Urban Theory CALA
ARC 332 History + Theory of Architecture III: Modern Architecture CALA
ARC 232 History + Theory of Architecture II: Renaissance – Early Modern World Architecture CALA
ARC 231 History + Theory of Architecture I: Early World Architecture CALA
ARC 533 History + Theory of Architecture 3 - Seminar CALA
ARC 533 History + Theory of Architecture 3 CALA
ARC 531 History + Theory of Architecture 2 - Seminar CALA
ARC 531 History + Theory of Architecture 2 CALA
ARC 530 History + Theory of Architecture 1-Seminar CALA
ARC 530 History + Theory of Architecture 1 CALA
ARC 909 or 910 Graduate Thesis CALA
ARC 900 Graduate Research CALA
Elective XXX graduate level elective CALA
RNR 417 Geographic Information Systems for Natural and Social Sciences CALA
PLG 495A/595A Geodesigning Landscape Linkages CALA
CHEM 151 General Chemistry I Gen Ed
TRAD Tier 1 Gender/Ethnicity Gen Ed
HNRS 395A Framing the Desert Through Creative and Reflexive Practices Gen Ed
PLG 402A/502A Foundations of Real Estate Finance for Public-Private Partnerships CALA
PLG/RED 585 Foundations of Economics for Planning and Real Estate Development CALA
ARC 102 Foundation Studio 2 CALA
ARC 101 Foundation Studio 1 CALA
ENGL 101 First-Year Composition Gen Ed
ENGL 102 First-Year Composition Gen Ed
- - First Semester Second Language Gen Ed
HUM Tier 2 Fall 5th Year Gen Ed
Elective Foreign Language Deficiency Fall 1st Year Gen Ed
ARC 459/550c Ethics and Practice CALA
ARC 550c Ethics and Practice CALA
EVS 260 Environmental Studies : Ideas and Institutions CALA
PLG 580 Environmental Spatial Analysis CALA
ARC 461P/561P Environmental Science Laboratory CALA
PLG 472/572 Environmental Land Use Planning CALA
PHIL 323 Environmental Ethics CALA
GEOG 150C1 Environment and Society Gen Ed
ARC 461K/561K Energy and the Environment CALA
- - Emphasis Area Course CALA
MS Arch Design/Energy Elective Course 2 CALA
MS Arch Design/Energy Elective Course 1 CALA
ARC Required Elective 4 CALA
ARC Required Elective 3 CALA
ARC Required Elective 2 CALA
ARC Required Elective 1 CALA
NATS Tier 1 Elective Gen Ed
- - Elective CALA
TRAD/INDV Tier 1 Elective Gen Ed
PLG/RED 409/509 Due Diligence and Entitlements CALA
ARC 497J/597J Documentation and Interpretation of the Historic Built Environment CALA
LAR 612 Design Studio V CALA
ARC 302 Design Studio IV: Land Ethic CALA
LAR 611 Design Studio IV CALA
ARC 301 Design Studio III: Tectonic Assembly CALA
ARC 510c Design Studio III CALA
LAR 610 Design Studio III CALA
ARC 510b Design Studio II CALA
LAR 511 Design Studio II CALA
ARC 510a Design Studio I: Immersion CALA
PLG 515 Design Studio I CALA
LAR 510 Design Studio I CALA
ARC 452 Design Studio 8: Senior (Capstone) Project CALA
ARC 451/551 Design Studio 7 CALA
ARC 402/502 Design Studio 6: Culture CALA
ARC 401/501 Design Studio 5: Technical Systems CALA
ARC 202 Design Studio 2 CALA
ARC 201 Design Studio 1 CALA
ARC 540B Design Communications II CALA
ARC 540c Design Communications 3 CALA
ARC 341 Design Communication II CALA
ARC 540b Design Communication 2 CALA
ARC 540a Design Communication 1 CALA
ARC 241 Design Communication 1 CALA
ANTH 440a/540a Cultural Resources Management Gen Ed
ARC 441/541 Contract Documents CALA
ARC 541 Contract Documents CALA
LAR 540 Contemporary Landscape Architecture CALA
RED 415/515 Construction and Project Management CALA
RNR 448 Conservation Planning and Wildland Recreation Gen Ed
PLG 412/512 Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Controls CALA
MATH 112 College Algebra Concepts and Applications Gen Ed
PLG 202 Cities of the World: An International City Planning Perspective CALA
SBE 195B Careers in Sustainability CALA
PLG 696B Career Development Seminar CALA
ARC 498 Capstone Preparation CALA
ARC 520F Building Technology V / VI, Active Environmental Control Systems CALA
ARC 422 Building Technology 7: Structures 3 CALA
ARC 520g Building Technology 7 – Structures 3 CALA
ARC 421 Building Technology 6: Envrionmental Control Systems 2 CALA
ARC 520f Building Technology 6 – Environmental Control Systems 2 CALA
ARC 322 Building Technology 5: Structures 2 CALA
ARC 520E Building Technology 5 – Structures 2 CALA
ARC 321 Building Technology 4: Materials and Methods Ii CALA
ARC 520d Building Technology 4 – Materials and Methods 2 CALA
ARC 223 Building Technology 3: Environmental Control Systems CALA
ARC 520c Building Technology 3 – Environmental Control Systems 1 CALA
ARC 222 Building Technology 2: Materials and Methods CALA
ARC 520b Building Technology 2 – Materials and Methods 1 CALA
ARC 221 Building Technology 1: Structures CALA
ARC 520a Building Technology 1 – Structures 1 CALA
ARC 481F/581F Biometrics CALA
ECON 200 Basic Economic Issues (Tier II Individuals and Societies) Gen Ed
ARC 471N Arid Region Urbanism: Arizona/Sonora CALA
ARC 571N Arid Region Urbanism: Arizona/Sonora CALA
ARC 497P/597P Architecture/Performance CALA
ARC 481e/581e Architecture in the Mediterranean CALA
ARC 471B Architecture in the Age of Media Convergence CALA
ARC 527 Architectural Programming CALA
ARC 227 Architectural Programming CALA
PLG 514 Analytical Methods in Planning and Strategic Management CALA
LAR 150B1 American Design on the Land CALA
ARC 451A Advanced Topics Options Studio CALA
RED 605 Advanced Real Estate Finance: Software and Technology CALA
- - Advanced Elective (ARC/LAR/PLG/ANTH/MSE) CALA
Elective _ Advanced Elective (ARC/LAR/PLG/ANTH/MSE CALA
ARC 5xx Advanced Elective CALA
ARC 510f Advanced Design Studio III CALA
ARC 510e Advanced Design Studio II CALA
ARC 510d Advanced Design Studio I CALA
ARC 461d/561d Advanced Computer Energy Analysis CALA
MIS 585 - CALA
MIS 560 - CALA