The Master of Science in Architecture Emerging Building Technologies (MS.Arch EBT) program is aimed at allowing students to pursue research interests that envision a hypothetical, potential, non-existent architectural repertoire in coexistence with scientific knowledge.  This program situates the curriculum for the Master of Science in Architecture degree within a realm of discovery by means of innovative hypotheses and rigorous scientific inquiry around the subject of emergent design processes, materials, and methods.  Postulations regarding design potentialities shall surface from investigations of diverse contextual fabrics to inform clearly defined research proposals.  Students interested in pursuing the Emerging Building Technology option are uninhibited, ambitious, and creative design-thinkers who will critically challenge prior knowledge in their respective field of inquiry towards innovative solutions for our built environment futures.  The technological focus of student research incorporates emerging material investigations that may emphasize environmental performance, digital fabrication, structural performance, response for resilience, ecological integration, or socio-cultural dynamics.

Knowledge formation in the EBT program occurs through three major aspects: theory development, technical skills, and an independent research project. Depending upon a student's career interests, a particular aspect may be emphasized to a greater extent through the course selections. The potential outcomes from the MS.Arch EBT degree include design and construction or consulting specialization, teaching or academic doctoral research, invention and commercialization of a building technology, industry specialization, socio-environmental technical assistance to underserved communities, or other uncharted territory for building technology careers or entrepreneurial endeavors.