This option is aimed at allowing students to pursue research interests in fields that fall outside the two distinct options. Students interested in pursuing this option must develop a clearly-defined research proposal to submit  with their application for admission to the MS.Arch degree program.  Prospective students should initiate contact with those members of the faculty possessing expertise relevant to their research interests.  School of Architecture faculty research experience and interests are described in the faculty profiles available on this website.

Facilities and Resources
The School of Architecture faculty represents a broad spectrum of research expertise.  In addition, many faculty research interests are interdisciplinary, with connections to a number of other fields including archaeology, anthropology, art history, civil engineering, computer applications, cultural studies, gerontology, geography, history, material science, advanced computing applications to design and fabrication, visual and performing arts, theater architecture and scenography, neuroscience and natural resources. Faculty in the School of  Landscape Architecture and Planning may also serve as advisors and resources for students pursuing the Independent Research Option.

Prospective students may also develop proposals that leverage the School of Architecture's world-class material laboratory. The lab supports student and faculty research exploring diverse traditional (glass, ceramics, wood, metal, etc.) and emerging materials, and advanced fabrication technologies. For more information about CAPLA's materials and other laboratories (http://cala.arizona.edu/facility/overview/material-labs)

Graduate students pursuing the Independent Research Option are required to complete 35 credit units of approved course work in order to obtain the MS.Arch degree.


For more information, contact:
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