Tuesday, April 3, 2012


On April 3, 2012 scholarship donors, CALA directors and faculty gathered at the Sundt Gallery to honor thirty three scholarship recipients. Honorees included undergraduate and graduate students in the architecture and landscape architecture programs. The event gave the donors a special opportunity to meet this year’s scholarship recipients, and allowed students and the college to recognize and thank them for their generosity.


Al Burlini Scholarship Lisa Marie Martinez
Alvin O. Hurst Scholarship Aaron C. Liggett
Katia Gedrath-Smith
American Institute of Architects Scholarship,
Southern Arizona
Levi P. Van Buggenum
Architecture Alumni International Student Scholarship Prabhjeet Singh Matharoo
Beresford E.Beck Memorial Scholarship Julia L. Weatherspoon
Charles A. and Claire B. Albanese F.A.I.A.
Travel Scholarship
Niloufar Emami
Chauncey F. Hudson Scholarship Timothy Winstansley
David Ryan Walther Memorial Scholarship Grace A. Vera
Eleazar D. and Sara M. Herreras Scholarship Fernando M. Villa
Franklin S. Flint Memorial Scholarhsip John C. Crawford
Fred R. and Olga K. Pace Scholarship Kenneth William Lowe
Gayle Macneil Memorial Scholarship Crista E. Mapes
Gertrude M. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Ruth Y. Dejene
Gordon H. Heck Memorial Scholarship Kayla J. Truss
Gordon H. and Myrtle J. Fremming Memorial Scholarhsip Michael T. Sullivan
Harold O. Reif Memorial Scholarship Andrew T. Schaffner
J. Douglas Macneil Architecture Scholarship Stephanie L. Reed
Kenneth and Ruth Clark Memorial Scholarship Alfred(Stan) Barter
M.L. Tophoy Memorial Scholarship in Architecture Stratton David Andrews
Mary M. and Cliffton E. Bloom Scholarship Deryn Davidson
Sara Sullivan
Michael T. Wade Memorial Scholarship Amy Booth
Jason Denholm
Daniel Morgan
National Association of Women in Construction Scholarship Laura P. Huylebroeck
Nicholas G. Sakellar F.A.I.A. Memorial Scholarship Mathew Zech
Philip W. Dinsmore F.A.I.A. Scholarship Tyler Jorgenson
Richard A. Eribes Scholarship Jonell Karen Diekmeier
Robert and Deanna Hershberger Foreign Travel Scholarship Benjamin Thiltges
Seaver/Franks Architecture Scholarship Micheal Vo
Sidney W. Little Scholarship Claudia Hapenciuc
Tucson Garden Club Scholarship Kelly VanDenBerg