Saturday, January 24, 2015

Recently, the UA College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture joined with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to better the Tucson community. Dean Janice Cervelli has been working for months with representatives from Davis-Monthan to make sure this partnership is as effective and mutually beneficial as it can be.

For over 6 decades, Tucson has been a proud host for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base recognizing the tremendous sacrifices made by its service members and families who live and work as an integral part of our community. Tucsonans equally recognize and acknowledge the significant contributions that DM brings to our community; nearing $1.6B economically, and their direct community support of over 77,000 hours annually. The synergy between Tucson and DM contributes to our communities’ growth while ensuring our national security. The University of Arizona is an integral member of The City of Tucson and thus, a proud member of this partnership.

Here are some of the key initiatives for the Davis-Monthan Community Partnership:

• to work with the University of Arizona and community colleges to identify and fill internship positions requiring key skills needed at D-M;
• team up with the University of Arizona and local heritage groups to help military personnel practice foreign language skills;
• work with local, state and federal first responders to improve communication among agencies;
• partner with city and county parks and recreation departments to share use of D-M facilities, including the Mirage Club and conference center, pools, sports fields and outdoor equipment;
• work with the university’s Valley Fever Center of Excellence and the College of Agriculture to study the relationship between respiratory disease and turf grass, focusing on the health of Air Force working dogs;
• use students from local medical programs to play roles and support D-M’s annual Angel Thunder combat search-and-rescue training exercise.

“When we are more integrated as a community, our successes become one unified strength; this is the effectiveness our endeavor will bring to Davis-Monthan, the University of Arizona, and the community,” Dean Cervelli said.

Be on the look out for opportunities and ways to get involved.