Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CAPLA Dean Jan Cervelli will be leading a delegation comprised of Arizona business and civic leaders to Washington DC on June 23-25, to meet with the Arizona delegation and other key members of Congress. The primary purpose of the visit is to communicate Arizona Forward’s advocacy for the I-11 International Trade Corridor, connecting the metropolitan areas of Las Vegas and Phoenix, Southern Arizona to Sonora, Mexico, and ultimately becoming part of the Canamex trade corridor.

Arizona Forward is a statewide, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing business and civic leaders together to convene thoughtful public dialogue on quality of life issues and to improve the sustainability of local communities throughout Arizona. Arizona Forward’s mission centers on issues that affect the livability and vitality of Arizona’s cities and towns, including the need for a balanced multimodal trade and transportation system. Dean Cervelli serves as Board Chair of Arizona Forward.

The Canamex Corridor, as defined by Congress in the 1995 National Highway Systems Designation Act, is a joint effort involving Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah and Montana. It calls for the development of a continuous four-lane roadway from Mexico through the U.S. into Canada to facilitate trade among the three countries and minimize traffic and congestion. Interstates 10 and 19 are already designated segments of the Canamex Corridor. 

Arizona Forward support for the I-11 International Trade Corridor is based on:

  • Long-term economic benefit to Arizona, Nevada, Western US, and national trade;
  • A carefully planned, sustainable “Green Trade Corridor of the Future” serving as a new model for the movement of people and delivery of goods;
  • Increased travel efficiency and improved overall air quality throughout the region leading to potential of $160 million in cost savings from reduced emissions;
  • Enhanced mobility through the region, strengthened economic development opportunities between Arizona and Nevada and improved trade flows to and from Mexico, Canada, and other international ports;
  • Advancement of a key commerce corridor in Arizona that fills efficient, high speed north/south travel gaps; linkage to existing and future international ports and critical east/west corridors, enabling multimodal junctions that support diversification of Arizona’s economy;
  • Support for Mariposa Land Port of Entry as one of the ten busiest cargo ports along the U.S. /Mexico border where 74% of all trucks come into Arizona from Mexico;
  • And improved safety in the corridor saving lives and generating an estimated $1.4 billion in safety benefits over the first 20 years.

See pictures from the delegation's trip on the Arizona Forward Facebook page

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