Monday, April 25, 2011


Crossroads Discussions – The Future Built Environment in Arizona/The Future of the Design and Planning Professions, a series of events organized by the University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, brought together design and planning professionals to talk about how the enormous challenges faced by Arizona in preparing for future growth can be met by the active participation of the design and planning community.

Over three days, April 5-7, UA CALA faculty, industry professionals and others met for discussions and presentations at the UA College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture on the UA Main Campus and at UA Downtown, the University's new center in downtown Tucson.

The events centered on issues relating to how Arizona can make its cities more sustainable and fundamentally change the way we approach urban development while saving money, conserving natural resources, and reducing our carbon footprint. Participants discussed ways to seize upon these opportunities, by retooling how we plan, design, approve, finance, and build our cities in a sustainable way.

Wednesday's At a Crossroads: The Future of the Design and Planning Professions, held in the College's Sundt Gallery, highlighted the current state of the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry and how the next 30 years will bring a complete reinvention of our built environment here at home.

Presenting were James P. Cramer—founding editor and publisher of DesignIntelligence and the founder and CEO of the Greenway Group; Grant Jones—landscape architect, poet, and co-founder of Jones & Jones, and Mario Campos—senior principal of Jones & Jones.

The presenters shared their perspectives on how practitioners, both public and private, can prove resilient and relevant in this new era, and reinvent themselves and their practices, and how universities can better prepare future practitioners for what lies ahead. The presenters also spoke of their ideas and insights on how the design and planning community, including The UA College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, will play a leadership role in shaping the future. A lively discussion ensued among the presenters, students, faculty, industry professionals and others in attendance.