Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The UA CALA School of Landscape Architecture and Planning recently held its MLA Conference in the Dinsmore Room at the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture on the UA Main Campus. The conference's purpose is to give third year students the opportunity to present their masters/thesis work to the College and to the public who attend.

Download the MLA conference booklet HERE

Held on April 15th, the conference was attended by approximately 60 people; UA CALA faculty, students, industry professionals, students' family and friends, and interested people from the general public. The conference not only allows students in the Master of Landscape Architecture program to show their work, but it is also a celebration of completion.

"The conference highlights the completion of a student's degree program and showcases their master's report or thesis," said Margaret Livingston, Professor-School of Landscape Architecture and Planning and faculty coordinator of the conference. "It's the final piece of their masters degree program in Landscape Architecture."

Each student presents for 20 minutes and has 10 minutes for audience questions and answers.

The conference is held on a Friday each year and caps off a week that includes Design Excellence, a four-day event where CALA masters students of all three years present their work and are judged by a panel of judges who present awards to students in several categories.

Second year students in the program organize the conference under the guidance of Livingston and other faculty.

After the conference, the third year students present their faculty committee with a final draft of their report on their work, after a final process of editing and revision.

The students work up to the conference in the weeks and months beforehand, presenting the committee with their reports close to final draft. Students present in thesis seminars in fall and spring so that each student's faculty committee and classmates are able to critique and make comments on the Powerpoint presentations to be given at the conference.

The Master of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.) is a graduate professional degree program. Courses emphasize landscape and human ecology, socio-cultural and behavioral factors, landscape aesthetics, and artistic principles in a variety of design, planning, and management applications. The context in which design and planning studios operate closely simulates the profession to include wilderness, rural, urban, and historic landscapes. Special attention is given to the ecology, culture, and history of the arid southwest and to international planning and design practice.