Sunday, February 8, 2015

Landscape Architecture, Planning and Sustainable Built Environments Degree students are at 100% employment.
In Arizona, projected growth with respect to real estate and building is increasing dramatically; demand for skilled real estate professionals will coincide with this raise.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted 17.3 percent employment growth for architects between 2012 and 2022.
A US News and World report ranked architecture as the second best creative job in the country.
It's become fashionable among some pundits and politicians to question the economic value of the bachelor's degree. But the latest unemployment figures, which show good hiring trends across the board, suggest to Bloomberg Business that there is one possible labor market problem for bachelor's degree holders: there may not be enough of them. The article notes that the unemployment rate for bachelor's degree holders is now down to 2.8 percent (compared to 5.7 percent for the adult population as a whole). The rate for bachelor's degree holders is the lowest since September 2008, and the article says that this level makes it conceivable that the job market will run out of bachelor's holders to hire.