Friday, April 27, 2018

Two of the six winning teams in the 2017 EPA Campus Rainworks Challenge were from Bo Yang's third year master of landscape architecture design studio. They stand with other winning teams from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of California-Berkeley, the University of New Mexico, and the University of Maryland-College Park, and were selected out of 87 entries from 30 states at 53 different academic institutions.

The Campus Rainworks Challenge is an annual "collegiate competition that engages the next generation of environmental professionals to design innovative solutions for stormwater pollution."

The CAPLA teams received an honorable mention in the Demonstration Project and Master Plan categories.

Following green infrastructure (GI) design principles, both winning submissions aimed to transform previously sterile, flood-prone, or underutilized campus sites into multifunctional spaces that benefit the campus and engage students, faculty and staff in meaningful ways. The campus is situated within the Sonoran Desert, a unique and fragile ecosystem within which the performance and climate change resilience of GI strategies await further assessment and refinement.

Many congrats to the winning CAPLA teams!

Honorable Mention - Demonstration Project: A River Runs Through It

  • Nate Ritchie
  • Daniel Zedick
  • Yuheng Zhang
  • Fei Yu

Honorable Mention - Master Plan: The West University Wash Revival

  • Andre Rioux
  • Brendan Ore
  • Brad Kindler
  • Samantha Hauserman

Daniel Zedick, Fei Yu, Yuheng Zhang and Nate Ritchie, with their project, A River Runs Through It

Brendan Ore, Samantha Hauserman, Andre Rioux, and Brad Kindler presenting their project, West University Wash Revival

US EPA and Campus Rainworks Challenge logos