Thursday, September 28, 2017

Charles Liuzzo, (MS Planning ’18) was elected to the American Planning Association’s (APA) 2018-19 Student Representatives Council Executive Committee as the Region V Representative. According to the APA, The Student Representatives Council (SRC) is a leadership body made up of one Student Representative from each APA-recognized Planning Student Organization, and an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and six Regional Representatives.”

The Executive Committee, to which Liuzzo was elected, “helps shape APA's policies that affect student issues, keeps SRC Student Representatives apprised of APA programs, advises the APA Board of Directors, AICP Commission, and other leadership groups, and helps organize student events at the National Planning Conference.” Liuzzo is the first representative from the UofA to serve on the SRC Executive Committee, which is elected every two years by APA student members. The new SRC Executive Committee will take office in January 2018.

Charles Liuzzo