Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Lisa Schrenk, associate professor of architecture, is spending the Fall 2018 semester aboard the "Semester at Sea" (SAS) ship where she'll be sitting in on an Asian civilization course in addition to teaching her own courses and participating in the core global studies class. She's also been teamed up with a SAS physician for the voyage to lead post-port reflections with the students. 
Lisa writes from one of her early stops, "I'm currently sitting in the outside area of the faculty lounge on the back of the ship working on tomorrow's lecture. The sun is out, the air is warm, and we just passed the Rock of Gibraltar on our way out of the Mediterranean Sea. We had a great time in Spain. I had the field class for my Experiencing World Architecture course the first day in Barcelona. Mariona, one of Elana's colleagues from Barcelona, led an amazing exploration of the many layers of the city's built environment! The students were extremely engaged and asked many good questions. The following day we visited the City Museum and Mies's German Pavilion before having lunch in the former Spanish Village from the 1929 exposition. There was a lively Mexican festival going on. We passed on eating at the Route 66 booth in favor of more traditional Spanish food. Steve and I then took a train to Zaragoza to visit the former Expo 2008 fairgrounds. Zaragoza was a nice break from the tourist mayhem that Barcelona has become in recent years. Zaragoza has some amazing historic sites, including an interesting 18thC church, and wonderful tapas. The fairgrounds include buildings fully reused and others, including the bridge by Zaha Hadid, closed and falling apart. We then rented a car and drove to Valencia, where we met up with the ship. We had most of a day to explore the city's medieval center and the Calatrava buildings before hiking back to the ship. We are now on our way to Ghana."
Headshot of Lisa Schrenk