Monday, December 1, 2014


The Curriculum Committee has approved the Sustainability Protocol.

This applies to the B.Arch degree. It will take effect with the in Fall 2015 and follow that class through the degree.

It will make CAPLA the only School of Architecture in the US with sustainability addressed, not just in one or a number of courses, but as a degree-long, studio-wide protocol that is fully integrated into the degree.

The protocol was developed over the past 18 months by our Task Force on SUSTAINABILITY PEDAGOGY:

Paul Reimer, Chair

Brad Lang

Shane Smith

Siri Trumble


2.1       rubric

The pedagogy is based on the Living Building Challenge, comprised of the following areas of concern: Environs, Water, Energy, Matter, Wellness, Culturation. Learning objectives for each are defined in the curriculum proposal, “In the Interest of Sustainability.” You can download this document from:






2.2       syllabi

The SoA syllabus template will be amended to include a section on the Sustainability protocol with assigned focus areas listed in the respective studios.


2.3       matrix

Focus Areas are broken into learning objectives which are to be assigned per the Sustainability Pedagogy Matrtix. This is available at the same location.


2.4       learning objectives

The Sustainability rubric is vested entirely within the Studio Stream. Evidence of the learning objectives is to be part of the required presentation in every studio and graded, not as an isolated component, but as part of the synthetic project. 


2.5       implementation

A permanent committee will be established to assess the effectiveness of the sustainability pedagogy and advise faculty members on the efficacy of their rubric delivery. A formal review of rubric achievement will occur at the curricular Walk-Throughs at the end of each semester.


Our sincere thanks and appreciation go the Paul, Brad, Shane, and Siri—it was a lot of work, brilliantly executed, with deep collegiality.