The exercise officially began with a "Dean's Breakfast Meeting" held on November 7, 2017, for all faculty and staff of CAPLA. One initiative that was discussed at the meeting was the formation of an ad hoc advisory group, Strategic Planning and Operations Advisory Committee (SPOAC). The goal of SPOAC is to develop active and healthy shared governance processes at CAPLA during and after strategic planning.

The week of November 13 Strategic Focus Associates was on campus to guide focus groups for students, faculty, alumni, professional representatives and staff constituencies, and to help with the deployment of a Conversation Gallery. Additionally, electronic surveys to students, faculty, staff, alumni, practitioners, community leaders and UA campus leadership were distributed. Strategic Focus Associates analyzed the data and together with CAPLA administration provided a Data Reflection Document in mid-December.

CAPLA faculty and staff began the spring 2018 semester with the Workshop and Strategic Planning Framing Meeting on January 8, 2018. The framework for the strategic plan that was developed at that meeting also set the course of direction for SPOAC which began its monthly meetings later that month.  An update on the CAPLA Strategic Plan, 2018-2023 as of February 2018 is available here.

A draft of the strategic plan was sent to faculty and staff in June 2018 for comment. A survey to evaluate the impact of Aspirations, Objectives and Initiatives was sent out at that time as well.

To launch the fall 2018 semester, CAPLA faculty and staff met for their retreat and continued to evaluate the outcomes of their input on the plan to date. The constituents in attendance were divided into smaller groups who evaluated the priorities of actionable initiatives and started to develop action plans. From those conversations, five task forces will be  put into place to analyze the feasibility, business plans, as well as timing on potential plan initiatives:

  • Curricular Innovations
  • Doctoral Programs
  • Drachman Institute, the next generation of community scholarship
  • International Programs
  • Culture of CAPLA

Additionally, two grassroots initiatives will be announced by the Dean’s Office concerning:

  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Innovation in Teaching