Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is comprised of faculty, staff and students whose goal is to help CAPLA meet its core value of being a leader in inclusive excellence.

Our Responsibilities

The committee addresses college- and school-level issues by establishing goals and subsequent action items, recognizing that we have an obligation to expand equity and inclusion. We seek to realize social justice at the college as the first step to doing the same in the built environment and related professions. In this way, we can be important contributors to dismantling the structural racism that persists throughout our society.

Our Members




Arlie Adkins Faculty, Associate Professor of Planning School of Landscape Architecture and Planning

Kay Olsen Brown

Staff, Director of Alumni Relations and Community Engagement

CAPLA Administration

Simmons Buntin

Staff, Marketing and Communications Manager

CAPLA Administration

Malaika Denis


Bachelor of Architecture

Altaf Engineer

Faculty, Assistant Professor of Architecture

School of Architecture

Eduardo Guerrero

Faculty, Senior Lecturer in Architecture

School of Architecture

Lucas Guthrie

Staff, Director of Information Technology and Facilities

CAPLA Administration

Anisa Hermosillo Student, President, Women in Architecture Society Bachelor of Architecture

Laura Hollengreen
Committee Chair

Staff and Faculty, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Architecture

CAPLA Administration, School of Architecture

Sean Kramer-Lazar

Staff, Student Academic Success Specialist

CAPLA Administration

Damon Leverett

Faculty, Senior Lecturer in Architecture

School of Architecture

Hunter Lohse


Master of Landscape Architecture

Belinda McCleese

Staff, Associate Accountant

CAPLA Administration

Clare Robinson

Faculty, Associate Professor of Architecture

School of Architecture

Carmen Robles

Staff, Senior Program Coordinator, HR Representative

CAPLA Administration

Emilio Romero

Staff, Graduate Student Services Coordinator

CAPLA Administration

Greg Ruffing

Staff, Administrative Associate

School of Architecture

Lisa Schrenk Faculty, Associate Professor of Architectural History, Advisor, Women in Architecture Society School of Architecture

Kelly Smith

Staff and Faculty, Assessment Coordinator

School of Landscape Architecture and Planning

Adriana Zuniga

Faculty, Assistant Research Scientist

School of Landscape Architecture and Planning

For additional information, please contact Laura Hollengreen, associate dean for academic affairs.