Student Organizations

CAPLA students in a club

Student organizations can make a major difference in your success as a student at CAPLA.

No matter your major or your areas of interest, you'll be sure to find a club that suits your needs. CAPLA's student organizations facilitate cross-disciplinary activities, provide leadership for greater student involvement in service projects, organize weekend events and work with professional affiliates on various projects.

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Other CAPLA Student Initiatives

If you are interested in joining CAPLA Student Ambassadors, please contact Cait Fitzpatrick, undergraduate recruitment coordinator, at

Campus Clubs and Organizations

There are over 650 registered clubs and organizations at the University of Arizona. These groups provide engaging opportunities for students to apply their coursework to real-world experiences, entry into Greek life, or other organized groups that have come together for social or cultural community.

Find the right group for you on the Associated Students of the University of Arizona website.