Research & Practice

Research & Practice

Theory to build a changing world. Expertise to get it done.

The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is a hub for research, service and practice that profoundly shapes the built environment—in the Sonoran Desert and beyond.

Our innovative and award-winning faculty work across disciplines, across communities and across nations. Through world-class scholarship and application, they discover and create. And they nurture: working closely with our students to apply their education in boundless ways. At CAPLA, our research and practice are building a changing world.

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CAPLA research on the built environment leads to problem-solving in a way that is fully informed, impacts decisions and shapes policy.

Bo Yang, CAPLA Associate Dean for Research

Faculty Research

View the latest stories of built environment research by CAPLA's dynamic, innovative faculty members:

Other CAPLA Research and Practice

Associate Professor Courtney Crosson

Faculty Publications and Presentations

CAPLA faculty are leading experts and innovators in the built environment, with presentations made around the world and research published in the top architecture, landscape architecture, development and planning journals and referenced widely in the media.

Projects and Other Work

From student, alumni and faculty work to community and design/build projects, the CAPLA community is involved in a wide array of architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability and urban planning projects.

CAPLA Design/Build project

CAPLA Design/Build

CAPLA Design/Build involves students in hands-on projects via studio courses, independent study and other courses with lab components, centered around the belief that learning by doing is a powerful method of gaining knowledge.

Drachman Institute student work

The Drachman Institute

The Drachman Institute, the outreach arm of CAPLA, is committed to building interdisciplinary research capacity while enhancing the student experience and supporting community decision-making in the built environment.

IPWP research director

Institute on Place, Wellbeing and Performance

IPWP is a partnership between the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, the College of Medicine - Tucson and the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture.

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RESTRUCT: Built Environment Research at the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona will be the first university to develop a robust university-wide ecosystem supporting research, teaching and service for the built environment, defining a new fully integrated discipline leveraging knowledge and research from all Arizona colleges, including CAPLA.


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Take advantage of our faculty expertise and student ambition for approved design/build projects, or utilize CAPLA faculty research or design expertise for a business or community project.

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