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CAPLA Building viewed from Sonoran Pentapus


Museum of All Souls Procession

Museum of the All Souls Procession: Merle Weisshaupt '26 B.Arch

The architecture of Tucson's Museum of the All Souls Procession serves as a daily reminder of multicultural strength, bridging past and future. The museum's design embodies the procession, uniting history and modernity with weathered steel and wood, mirroring the cyclical renewal of tradition.

The Temporal Passage, by Jacob Downard

The Temporal Passage: Jacob Downard '22 B.Arch

The architecture of The Temporal Passage responds to the site's volcanic conditions by being conceptually rooted in scale, time and the moving materials of our living earth in an attempt to convey the magnitude of these natural forces. It further explores the spatial and conceptual juxtapositions between the human-operated straight line and the ensured chaos of nature.

Sonoran Soundscapes

The Sonoran Soundscapes multimedia experience at the UArizona Wonder House at South by Southwest 2022 in Austin, Texas. Photo by Hunter Lohse.

CAPLA Graduate Students Bring Sights and Sounds of the Sonoran Desert to Austin for SXSW

“For thousands of years, the beauty of the Sonoran Desert has invoked wonder among its human inhabitants,” says Hunter Lohse when introducing the Sonoran Soundscape project that he and fellow MLA students Alizabeth Potucek and Christian Galindo created with Assistant Music Professor Yuanyuan (Kay) Le for the UArizona Wonder House at South by Southwest in March.


International Symposium Unites Scholars, Artists, and Architects to Remember Spaces of Internment

The second annual Remembering Spaces of Internment (ReSI) International Symposium convened an interdisciplinary network to study internment sites globally. Co-founder Beth Weinstein discussed ReSI's goals, emphasizing the need to analyze and remember the systemic nature of internment

In the News: Dr. Esther Sternberg Discusses Office Design Impact on Wellbeing, Productivity

University of Arizona professor of medicine Dr. Esther Sternberg, director of the Institute on Place, Well-being and Performance and research director at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, shares her research examining how work environments effect people's health and productivity.

Interdisciplinary Authors Discuss Intersection of Health and the Built Environment in Their New Book

A new interdisciplinary book, "Measuring the Impact of the Built Environment on Health, Wellbeing, and Performance," explores how technology can gauge and enhance health in homes and offices. It offers insights, methodologies and pandemic-related considerations for optimizing building designs

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