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CAPLA students studying abroad

The University of Arizona offers study abroad opportunities for students who are interested in taking their education outside the U.S.

CAPLA students have accompanied their faculty on a number of exciting programs in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. In Spring 2022, fourth- and select fifth-year Bachelor of Architecture students joined us in Barcelona.

In Summer 2022, undergraduate and graduate students joined us in Orvieto, Italy.

Students also have the option of enrolling in a program hosted by another Arizona college or may enroll directly in an institution abroad. While foreign language skills are very desirable, a number of such institutions offer instruction in English. We award several scholarships to defray the costs of study abroad. Please visit the Global Initiatives Study Abroad office to learn more about program requirements and how to apply. Advising staff in Global Initiatives and at CAPLA can help you find the program that is right for you.

Study Abroad in Orvieto, Italy, Summer 2022

The Summer 2022 Orvieto, Italy study abroad program was a five-week travel, 6-unit program for CAPLA undergraduate and graduate students. Offered under University of Arizona Global, the program was coordinated and taught by Teresa Rosano, assistant professor of practice in architecture, and focused on architecture, places and experience through drawing and travel documentation.

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Study Abroad in Barcelona for Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 Barcelona study abroad program was a semester-long customized program for fourth- and select fifth-year CAPLA Bachelor of Architecture students. Offered under University of Arizona Global, with the support of IAU Barcelona (Institute for American Universities), the program was coordinated and taught by Elena Cánovas, professor of practice in architecture, a Barcelona native with professional experience and knowledge of the city and its culture.

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CAPLA study abroad
CAPLA study abroad

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