Accelerated Master's Programs


Accelerate your master's degree while earning your undergraduate degree.


CAPLA students, are you considering graduate school?

Save time and money. Get a head start on professional certification or licensure. Accelerate your University of Arizona graduate studies while still earning your bachelor’s degree.

Now more than ever, the world needs design, development and planning leaders with the expertise and innovation to build a more sustainable world.

With a master’s degree in architecturelandscape architecture or urban planning, you’ll continue your CAPLA studies in an accredited professional program and ensure you’re ready, once all criteria are met, for certification or licensure.

With a master’s degree in real estate development, you’ll advance your career prospects in responsible property investment and development.

No matter the program, with a CAPLA accelerated master’s program (AMP) degree, you’ll be ready to lead.

Why AMP?

Save time.

Faster time to your graduate degree.

Save money.

Pay undergraduate tuition for your first year of graduate school.

Save more money.

Qualify as a graduate assistant to receive reduced tuition and/or funding your first full year in the program (regular graduate students do not qualify until their second year).

Find community.

Connect with a cohort of fellow graduate students in one of five excellent CAPLA graduate programs:

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Your Accelerated Time to Degree

By combining your CAPLA undergraduate degree in landscape architecture or sustainable built environments with a CAPLA accelerated master's program, you can reduce your time in graduate school:

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

BLA 4 years + MLA 1 year
2 years faster

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments

SBE 4 years + M.Arch 2 years, including summer immersion in SBE Summer 3
1 year faster

SBE 4 years + MLA 2 years
1 year faster

SBE 4 years + MRED 1 year
6 months to 1 year faster

SBE 4 years + MSUP 1 year
1 year faster


The AMP Admissions Process

  1. Current CAPLA students must have a 3.3 GPA and 90 units complete to be eligible for admission.

  2. Complete the form above no later than the spring semester of your undergraduate third year.

  3. Meet with Academic Advisor Tayler Mears to map your plan of study and review the application process.

  4. Apply at

  5. Begin master's coursework in the fall semester of your undergraduate fourth year (except M.Arch students, who begin the summer before their fourth year).

AMP Example Curriculum

View example AMP curriculum for current BLA and BS SBE undergraduates and view or download curriculum guides:

View the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture / Master of Landscape Architecture AMP curriculum in PDF format:

BLA SPRING 4 Additional Coursework

LAR 596B Landscape Architecture Seminar II 1
  TOTAL 13


LAR 596C Landscape Architecture Seminar III 1
SBE 580 Research Methods 3
  Elective 3
  Elective 3
  TOTAL 11


LAR 596D Landscape Architecture Seminar IV 1
LAR 909/910 Master's Report/Thesis 9
  TOTAL 11

Learn more about the Master of Landscape Architecture.

View the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments / Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Real Estate Development and Master of Science in Urban Planning AMP curricula in PDF format:

Learn more about the accredited Master of ArchitectureMaster of Science in Architecture, accredited Master of Landscape ArchitectureMaster of Real Estate Development and accredited Master of Science in Urban Planning degrees.

Ready to accelerate your graduate degree—and your career?

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