From Feet to Funiculars: Lessons Learned From a Tour of Urban Transport in Europe | Lecture by Liam Wilson



noon to 1 p.m., April 7, 2023

CAPLA students, please join us for a unique student perspective!

Interested in hearing about exceptionally walkable communities in Barcelona? Extensive cable-car systems in the Swiss Alps, taking you to small mountain towns and heights of over 12,000 feet? What about the other side of the coin; car dominance and car culture in Munich and Stuttgart, some of the world’s foremost automotive destinations? Join UArizona student Liam Wilsonas he reviews three months across nine of Europe’s most vibrant cities, examining many facets of accessibility and transportation. From feet to the funicular, learn about the differences between European and American transportation, and how certain cities manage to create not only efficient and elegant access solutions, but also how they make moving from place to place a truly enjoyable experience.

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About Liam Wilson

Liam Wilson

Liam Wilson in Switzerland.

Liam Wilson is a senior at the University of Arizona, pursuing degrees in mathematics and computer science.



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