Disruptive Ecologies | Mass Timber Emerging: Susan Jones, atelierjones

School of Architecture Lecture Series ~ Haptics of Place: Technologies, Assemblies and Spirit of Place



5 to 7 p.m., Feb. 17, 2023
BFCC Church

BFCC Church, by atelierjones. Photo by Francisco Lopez de Arenosa.

CLT Light

CLT light. Photo courtesy atelierjones.

CLT stairway

CLT stairway. Photo courtesy atelierjones.

Constitution Shed

Constitution Shed. Photo courtesy atelierjones.

Through the lens of atelierjones’ work, Susan Jones will explore the emergence, design, regulation and construction of new, lower-carbon building types, specifically focusing on mass timber, and its disruptive agency within U.S. forestry and construction sectors.

Join us in person for the Spring 2023 CAPLA / School of Architecture Lecture Series, in partnership with AIA Southern Arizona. A reception will follow the lecture, both at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson.

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About Susan Jones

Susan Jones

Susan Jones is a Seattle architect and founder of Seattle-based atelierjones. She is driving new pathways within architecture, advancing new, lower-carbon, mass timber systems by designing and building prototypes at multiple scales, girded by her leadership in multiple international collaborations to create change at scale and ensure rigor on multiple levels. Her solely woman-owned architectural firm, atelierjones, designs prefabricated single-family houses to prefabricated urban infill residential to large, middle-income residential buildings which specifically advance new building codes and correlative design detailing that Susan helped craft and guide through the ICC Tall Wood Building Code regulatory processes. Her prolific work over the last nine years to advance and restructure the carbon-intensive construction industry towards lower-carbon materials is an exemplary example for the role that architects can play to innovate at all scales, and urgently lower our carbon footprint. She regularly partakes in rich, cross-disciplinary dialogues from the local to the international to help understand and better promote sustainable forest practices and manages her own family-owned 140-acre forest. 

A third-generation native of the Pacific Northwest, Susan grew up in Bellingham, Washington, and has raised her family in Seattle. Susan earned her BA from Stanford University in Philosophy and her M.Arch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She is licensed in multiple states, has been a visiting design critic at numerous universities and is affiliate associate professor of architecture at the University of Washington. She was made a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2010.

About atelierjones

atelierjones is an all-woman-owned and woman-led firm. Their work drives new sustainable pathways within architecture and construction, advancing new lower-carbon, prefabricated mass timber systems by designing large-scale urban housing to urban infill housing to mass timber modular housing. atelierjones’ national leadership in multiple international collaborations creates sustainable change at scale, and ensures rigor on multiple levels, from forest health to LCA collaborations to fire testing to regulatory design to award-winning design. 



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