From Head to Heart to Hand | Lecture by Will Bruder

A School of Architecture Lecture Series Event



4:30 to 6 p.m., Feb. 16, 2024

Join CAPLA for the School of Architecture Lecture Series, featuring dynamic speakers from across built environment industries.

Architecture celebrates a balance of pragmatism and poetry. It connects history, context and program while striving to enhance the sense of community, provide intellectual richness and delight the senses. The best design solutions depend not merely upon form, space, or image but upon the more holistic consideration of an inside-out outside-in design process.

The ability of a simple scale drawing to inform, define and test inventions of the mind with the realities of program and place is unparalleled. A drawing can efficiently and elegantly map the macro boundaries of the site’s conditions as related to the path of the sun. A drawing can capture nuances of topography, axes of connectivity, as well as unexpectedly framed vistas and intimately scaled atmospheres.

From the raw energy of the rough sketch to the refinement of the formal schematic through to the carefully detailed construction document used to guide the builder/craftsman, a drawing is always at both the heart and soul of the architect’s work.

This lecture will be held in the Sundt Gallery in the CAPLA West Building as well as online via Zoom. 

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About the Speaker

Will Bruder

For 46 years Will Bruder has explored inventive and contextually exciting architectural solutions in response to a site’s opportunity and the user needs. His work celebrates the craft of building in a manner not typical of contemporary architecture. Through his creative use of materials and light, Will is renowned for his ability to raise the ordinary to the extraordinary. Opening his first Arizona studio, Will Bruder Architects, in 1974, Will relocated his studio to downtown Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2019. He has led work for over 650 commissions, received prestigious national awards as well as lectured and been published all over the world. He has held visiting chairs at MIT, IIT, Yale, University of Southern California, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukie, University of Toronto, University of Virginia, Portland State University, and University of Oregon.Self-trained as an architect, Will has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He supplemented his studio art education with further study of structural engineering, philosophy, art history and urban planning. He followed this with architectural apprenticeships under Paolo Soleri and Gunnar Birkerts. He was a Rome Prize Advanced Design Fellow at the American Academy in Rome in 1987 and was made a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) in 2013.



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