Margaret Livingston

Professor of Landscape Architecture


  • Landscape Architecture
  • School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
  • Sustainable Built Environments


Areas of Expertise

  • Resilient landscapes for urban microclimates in arid environments
  • Urban wildlife habitat establishment and preservation
  • Water conserving practices in urban environments


Margaret Livingston PhD is a professor in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning. She teaches a range of courses related to ecological and environmental issues in arid environments, and has locally and internationally conducted lectures and workshops that focus on water conservation, wildlife habitat and use of native plants in urban areas. She teaches plant materials, planting design, landscape ecology and seminars focusing on development of the master’s report for the graduate program in landscape architecture. She is also the coordinator for the internship course in the Sustainable Built Environments bachelor’s program. As an urban ecologist, her work emphasizes the importance of evaluating and maintaining natural and semi-natural ecosystems within and surrounding urban areas. In her role as a designer, Margaret focuses on the use of native plants and design of urban wildlife spaces.

News, Research and Projects

PV panels at ENR2

Harvesting Sunlight and Plant Power on UArizona's Greenest Building

New solar panels and a rooftop garden on the university's ENR2 building, a project headed by a team that includes Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture Kirk Dimond and Professor of Landscape Architecture Margaret Livingston, not only generate electricity but also create unique environmental research opportunities.