Mark Miller

CAPLA Degree(s)
Bachelor of Architecture


After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree Mark returend home to Chicago and began his apprenticeship with Bertrand Goldberg followed by working with design/builder Andrew Spatz who taught him how to build the projects they were designing.  Mark opened his own small practice in 1998.  In 2011 Mark discovered The Passive House Standard and became a PHIUS CPHC and Certified Passive House Builder.  He had a two-year term as Executive Director of the Passive House Alliance US and is co-founder of the Chicago Chapter.  Mark is completing his most ambitious project to date, a Certified Net-Zero Passive House in Richland, Michigan.  Mark continues with many passions nurtured in his time at the UofA: he's a long time practitioner of the martial art of Aikido; plays trombone and sousaphone in local bands and orchestras and still enjoys adventures on the motorcycle he bought in Tucson thirty years ago.  Mark's website is