Richard Bierce

Retired Historic Architect
CAPLA Degree(s)
Bachelor of Architecture


Richard completed his Bachelor of Architecture and headed east to complete a Masters of Science in at Columbia University.  He completed this degree in the preservation program in 1968.  He then worked for the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Hawaii and the Peace Corp in Brazil until 1970.  Richard worked on several restoration projects in Virginia for the 1976 Bicentennial and devoted ten years at the National Trust as the architect for the properties and director of technical services.   He then spent twenty-five years with a historic preservation consulting firm, located in the Washington, DC area sharing his expertise on projects across the country and in the Carribean and Latin America.  He has enjoyed performing specialized design review consukting and various volunteer work.  Richard was happy to return to Tucson in  2018 and says he is glad to be home.