Vicki Sompii

CAPLA Degree(s)
Bachelor of Architecture
Master of Architecture


Post UofA, and after completing her Certificate of Gerontology in 1988, Vicki lived in Holland for two years and then relocated back to Seattle, where she directed deisgn on two hospitals in Idaho as the start of ten years of medical planning.  This work set the table for the next twenty years of various small and large tenant improvement projects from 200 st medical receptions to 200,000 sf distribution centers.  Vicki is passionate about sustainability and states "an existing building is our greenest basic template for a project".   She believes Tenant Improvements really require a broad and extensive knowleldge of existing construction types and systems and an ability to visualize the potential for change along with the ramifications for codes, costs, and programs.  Great design services must be available for all clients at all levels of means for their workplace and programs, so they can be successful.  Vicki is currently serving on the Landmark Preservation Board for the City of Bothell.  This is Vickis fifth term, as she has been a member of the board since 1992. Vicki still loves to study, learn, research, and apply the best principals of design practice to all her clients.