Annual Report

WONDER MAKES US Build a Changing World: 2021 Annual Report

At the University of Arizona, wonder makes us. It drives us to question, explore, push limits and overcome boundaries to discover our true potential. At the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, wonder makes us build a changing world.

Our world is indeed changing, and the past year has underscored that in myriad ways: how we gather as a community, the manner in which we work and learn, how we recreate and shop, where we live and how we see our way forward to flourish as individuals and a society. Central to all of this change is the built environment, and we in CAPLA recognize and will meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Our preparation for this change is multifaceted and builds on the college’s considerable accomplishments in research, teaching and service. This Annual Report provides the opportunity to step back for a moment to consider what we have prioritized; what our students, faculty and staff have accomplished in spite of difficult circumstances; where we find ourselves from a sustainability perspective; how we connect with the broader community; and what we are most proud of over the last year.

Ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion remains central to our mission. The website at continues to provide our evolving objectives and goals, stories, demographics and profiles that demonstrate our commitment and accountability to equity, diversity and inclusion as core components of our work.

This year we have advanced several academic programs, including the new Minor in Real Estate Development, the reconfigured Heritage Conservation Graduate Certificate now offered fully online and Bachelor of Architecture curriculum enhancements that increase opportunities for students in research and specialized areas of architectural practice.

Thanks to these efforts and more, CAPLA has seen a marked increase in enrollment this year, despite the ongoing pandemic, and I view this as a reflection of the next generation of designers, planners and sustainability specialists recognizing the potential and exciting relevance of these fields. Like us, wonder makes our students eager to build a changing world.

Wonder likewise drives our faculty, who have tackled the challenges and recognized the possibilities of educating our students in a pandemic. From teaching online and face-to-face (or rather, mask-to-mask), often simultaneously, to innovating in how they’re leading studios and conducting and disseminating research, our faculty make a profound difference in shaping the built environment.

Finally, this year we formalized plans to reinvigorate the Drachman Institute, which is committed to building interdisciplinary research capacity while enhancing the student experience and supporting community decision-making in the built environment.

It continues to be my honor and privilege to witness the accomplishments of this great community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors. You bring enthusiasm, passion, dedication and imagination to your work and learning every day.

Thank you for being a part of our community—and thank you for your wonder.

Nancy Pollock-Ellwand
Dean and Professor of Landscape Architecture
College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
The University of Arizona