Wood Lab

Location: A109

The Fred R. & Olga K. Pace Wood Research Material Lab are professionally staffed by two professionals and a dedicated group of student monitors. The wood lab has 4000 sq ft. of equipment and fabrication space. The Shop Sabre CNC router is also located in the wood lab.


Only students who have entered the professional phase of Architecture and graduates are allowed in the labs. A safety orientation is required for all incoming students. Orientations are scheduled in August before the fall semester begins. Once approved for the general safety course we have separate courses and requirements for different tools and areas of the labs. A monitor must be present in order to use the labs. They are there to answer questions and get tools for you so please ask them if you are unsure about any tool use. Lab hours are posted on web and on main entrance to the labs. All projects must be removed from the work tables when you leave the labs and stored where they will not interfere with the next student's work. When lab is over capacity the monitor can at their discretion, ask students doing non- tool essential activities to leave the inside spaces and work on the deck in order that everyone can work in a safe and productive manner. When working with your teams please consider fellow students and do your planning in the studios before coming down to the labs.

Materials are loaded into the labs through the east rolling gate and loaded on rolling carts. Your name and date must be written visibly on the materials and stored properly. Try to store materials for as short a time as possible to prevent misuse. The school is not responsible for student's materials and projects. The monitors are there to assist you so please ask them any questions about processes before you put yourself in harms way. The monitors are students like yourself and have different levels of experience so please be kind and patient. We are all learning, if we are fortunate, for our whole lives.

Think through the operation before performing it.

Wear appropriate clothing, roll up loose sleeves, remove jewelry, and tie back long hair. All of these can get caught in the spinning tools. Safety glasses must be worn, prescription glasses do not count. Only wear sturdy closed toe shoes while in the lab. No Slippers, No flip flops, No open toe shoes. No work is possible inside the labs after midnight, a silent alarm will be activated and you will lose your lab access. Always disconnect power and lock off the tool when making repairs. Any tool that is out of order should be reported to monitor. All injuries should be reported to the monitor.

PDF Safety Rules here.

The labs are video monitored on a digital storage device.


  • Band saws – 18", 20", 14", 15" Resaw (movie here) with 3" blade
  • Table saw – 10" SawStop, 4" model saw
  • Radial arm saw – 14"
  • Sanders6" vertical belt, 2" belt, 12" disk, 23" supermax finish, 6x48 belt, oscillating drum, downdraft tables
  • Drill press16", 14", 12"
  • Planer20"
  • Jointer6"
  • Scroll saw 
  • Router table 
  • Compound miter – 12"
  • Wood lathe 
  • Mortising machine 
  • Panel Saw 
  • Wood Steamer 
  • Vacuum Bagging 

The material labs manager can be reached at musters@u.arizona.edu


Home Depot
3689 E Broadway Blvd

  • Some ply and MDF, hardware, tools, call before making the trip! Some stores also carry steel and aluminum profiles.

Hood Industries
501 S Toole Ave                                                 
520- 792-9966

  • A good source for MDF, Baltic Birch plywood, thin sheets of birch for topography. Hood is a supplier for cabinet makers, so their products tend to be of fairly high  quality.  It is best to call them to check for availability of specialty products.

Rockler Woodworking

  • Hardwood, veneers, tools and hardware. Rockler also sells online.

Grant Road Lumber
Grant and Tucson Blvd.

  • Wide selection of wood, supplies the builder’s trades, casting plaster only found here, #100 bags

Ace Hardware
9th st. and 1st Ave.

  • Some lumber, basswood and metal profiles for model building; hardware. Paint, misc.

Dumas products
909 East 17th Street

  • Specialty plastics and hardwood veneers

Steward Hardwoods
2055 East 19th Street 

  • Specialty wood sheets

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company

  • Carries wood and plastic sheets, same day shipping available.

Creative Plastics
2570 N. Huachuca Dr.

  • Plastics for thermoforming