Erika Ebermann Vera

Global Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environments


  • Sustainable Built Environments

University of Arizona Global Microcampus at UPC-Lima, Peru

Areas of Expertise

  • Historic preservation and restoration
  • Interior design
  • Retail development
  • Sustainable architecture


Erika Ebermann Vera is a professor in the Faculty of Architecture in the UPC (Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima, Peru). She is an architect and international specialist in sustainable architecture and the restoration and preservation of historic buildings. She is currently teaching a course of investigation and several courses of design (Planos de Obra, Taller I, Taller IX, Taller X). She is also coordinator of the Taller X (for the thesis level).

After she graduated from the Universidad Ricardo Palma, Ebermann Vera relocated to Spain to study a Master in Conservation in Tenerife, Spain and at the same time worked for a year on two restoration projects in the Laguna city. The following year she went to Florence, Italy where she worked with a Greek-Italian architect on two conservation projects in Rhodes, Greece in collaboration with the local government. In 2002 Ebermann Vera was awarded with a scholarship for her second Master in Conservation in Genoa, Italy. She lived in Italy for 12 years. During this period she worked with different Italian architects and conservation specialists on several conservation projects. In 2007 she moved to Padua, where she completed a two-year course in bio and sustainable architecture.

In the past several years she has worked with multidisciplinary professionals, following different methodologies. For Ebermann Vera it is very important to work together to develop a common frameworks for a sustainable way of living. Her approach with bio-ecological architecture confirms her personal theory about the importance of sustainability and conservation of heritage, with all due respect to the sustainability of the site, using the local human resources and materials showing respect for the natural environment.

Ebermann Vera is a native of Lima, where she lives with her husband and their two daughters.