About the School of Landscape Architecture & Planning

CAPLA East Building and Underwood Sonoran Garden. Photo by Bill Timmerman.

The University of Arizona School of Landscape Architecture and Planning supports a culture of innovation in teaching, research, creative work and community engagement.

With outstanding, award-winning faculty whose research and creative scholarship help drive the future of our built environments, we offer the four-year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, four-year Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments (on campus and online), LAAB-accredited, three-year Master of Landscape Architecture, two-year Master of Real Estate Development Development (on campus and online), PAB-accredited, two-year Master of Science in Urban Planning and graduate certificates in Heritage Conservation and Real Estate Development Analysis, Finance and Practice.

School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Statement on Racial Injustice

Collectively we are committed to offering support and action toward greater equity and justice for communities of color in our local community, at the University of Arizona and in all the cities and environments shaped by our professions.

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Meet our faculty and staff, or learn more about the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, from our awards, news and events to our academic programs, and our leading research and practice to the beautiful, sustainable Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory.