School of Architecture Director's Welcome

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, Director, School of Architecture, and Professor of Architecture


Welcome to the School of Architecture.

When I went to school at the University of Arizona over 20 years ago, I learned to design, research, question and seek answers to the most pressing challenges of the contemporary architecture. Today, the School of Architecture continues that tradition through our professional and research degree offerings that address issues of arid lands sustainability and socially just design specific to the diverse landscape and peoples of the Sonoran region.

Architectural education is unlike any other college experience. You will make lifelong friendships, discover your creativity, foster social and environmental values, learn to manage your time and embark on a fulfilling career trajectory. The University of Arizona School of Architecture provides hands-on making through the Materials Labs and the Models Lab. As part of a Research I university, we emphasize research in relation to the design and construction industry. The last phase of our Bachelor of Architecture degree, the P3, coaches students in developing a research trajectory; our Master of Science in Architecture is an innovative degree in applied research.

Students are the heart of the School of Architecture. Student representatives sit on school governing committees and we have six student organizations that are formative in our ever-developing school culture. We also have a fabulous advising and recruiting team. Don’t hesitate to call on us if we may be of service.

Ryan E. Smith
Director, School of Architecture
Professor of Architecture