Change of Major

CAPLA studio

Thank you for your interest in changing to a CAPLA undergraduate major in Architecture, Design Arts and Practices, Landscape Architecture or Sustainable Built Environments.

Approvals for change of major requests are not guaranteed, and instead will be based on available space in the program for that specific term.  

If you are an admitted student who has not yet paid and/or interacted with the enrollment fee and would like to change your major, you can do so in the Next Steps Center. If you are an admitted student who has already paid and/or interacted with the enrollment fee, but has not yet attended classes, you must contact the correct advisor listed below. 

Follow the process below to begin your change of major:

1. On this CAPLA website, navigate to Find the Right Program, which is located within the Academics section. From there, read through our programs to see which one is the best fit for you. We have three undergraduate programs:

 Now that you have explored our undergraduate offerings, the next step is to fill out our interest form. This form places your name on our waitlist and allows us to contact you about your desired program. It may take up to 10 days for a CAPLA staff member to reach out to you about your submission. Thank you for your patience.  

 CAPLA Change of Major Interest Form

 If you are accepted into CAPLA, you will meet with an academic advisor based on your program: