Kirk Dimond

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture
School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Kirk Dimond


Areas of Expertise

  • Renewable energy landscapes
  • Landscape performance
  • Site design and construction
  • Landscape grading and drainage

Kirk Dimond, LEED AP is an associate professor of landscape architecture and teaches graduate level design studios and technical implementation courses. His research involves landscape performance by evaluating social and ecological synergies and tradeoffs in design decisions relating to ecology, energy, and water. Kirk is currently working on the integration of solar PV infrastructure into the urban landscape through design strategies and exploration of social and environmental colocation opportunities.


  • LAR 511 Design Studio II
  • LAR 554 Site Engineering
  • LAR 555 Site Construction
  • LAR 610 Design Studio III

Selected Publications

Dimond, K. (January 1, 2021). "A Pattern Language for Solar Photovoltaics." Landscape Journal 39 (1), 21-37.

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