Nataliya Apanovich

Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environments


  • School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
  • Sustainable Built Environments
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CAPLA East Building

Areas of Expertise

  • Food systems
  • Intersection of food and energy security
  • The role of culture in people's livelihoods


  • PhD in Sustainable Agriculture and Biorenewable Resources and Technology


Nataliya Apanovich was born and raised in Belarus on a subsistence farm. Much of what she wore and ate was produced by her family. It wasn’t until she immigrated and was pursuing a master’s degree in environmental law and policy in Vermont that she learned about the chemical-intensive food system in the U.S. This led to an interest in organic agriculture and all the places that still practiced traditional forms of farming. That was why she pursued a PhD in sustainable agriculture and biorenewable resources and technology, and conducted research on food security in Uganda.

She is passionate about teaching, traveling and learning about the human condition. In her spare time, Nataliya writes, makes films, bikes and runs. Check out her personal stories.


  • SBE 195A Introduction to Sustainability
  • SBE 195B Careers in Sustainability
  • SBE 480 Research Methods
  • SBE 498 Senior Capstone Project

Selected Publications

Apanovich, N., & Mazur, R. E. (2018). Determinants of seasonal food security among smallholder farmers in south-central Uganda. Agriculture & food security7(1), 1-10.

Apanovich, N., & Lenssen, A. (2018). Cropping systems and soil quality and fertility in south-central Uganda.

Honors and Awards

  • Borlaug Food Security Fellow, 2015-2016