Change of Major

Thank you for your interest in changing to a CAPLA undergraduate major in Architecture, Design Arts and Practices, Landscape Architecture or Sustainable Built Environments.

Follow the process below to begin your change of major:

1. On this CAPLA website, navigate to Find the Right Program, which is located within the Academics section. From there, read through our programs to see which one is the best fit for you. We have three undergraduate programs:

 Once you have reviewed the programs, you are ready to be connected with Cait Fitzpatrick, the undergraduate recruitment coordinator at CAPLA. You will meet via Zoom or phone call to talk about program expectations, policies, entry term and curriculum. Please contact Cait at  

  • After meeting with the recruitment coordinator, we encourage you to wait at least 24 hours before making a final decision about changing your major. Please note that the recruitment coordinator is not an academic advisor, and cannot assist you with a comprehensive degree plan. Only when you have entered the college will you be connected with an advisor for class scheduling and planning.  

If you have decided to change your major, your next step is to fill out our interest form so we can ensure we reach out to you in a timely manner to schedule courses:

CAPLA Change of Major Interest Form

Once accepted into CAPLA, you will meet with an academic advisor based on your program: 

If you’d like to visit our CAPLA facilities before beginning courses, please contact Recruitment Coordinator Cait Fitzpatrick at


  • If you are an admitted student who has not yet paid and/or interacted with the enrollment fee and would like to change your major, you can do so in the Next Steps Center. If you are an admitted student who has already paid and/or interacted with the enrollment fee, you must contact the correct advisor listed above to be switched over. 
  • Please be aware that Architecture (B Arch) fills up quickly each semester, and that capacity may vary. Your request to be switched into Architecture, or any of our majors, will be granted based on the space available for that specific term.  
  • Simply having a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher at the University of Arizona as a current student does not guarantee automatic acceptance into the B Arch program.