Minor in Sustainable Built Environments

Railing, plant and building under construction as viewed from fourth floor of CAPLA building

Want to strengthen your understanding of sustainable design and planning and gain practical skills in creating a more sustainable world? If so, the Minor in Sustainable Built Environments is for you.


The Minor in Sustainable Built Environments curriculum consists of seven courses (18 units) and is available both on campus and online. It may also be completed during the summer.

The minor core provides a theoretical and applied foundation in sustainable design and planning, preparing you for advanced elective courses of your choice that align with your academic and career aspirations.

Minor Core

Four courses in the minor core are required, for a total of 9 units. Courses are offered both on campus and online.

Course # Course Title Units
SBE 195A Introduction to Sustainability 1
SBE 195B Careers in Sustainability 1
SBE 201 Sustainable Design and Planning 3
SBE 301 Introduction to Design Thinking 4
  Total Units 9

Minor Electives

Three courses from the following minor electives are required to complete the minor, for a minimum of 9 units. Courses marked with * are also available online. Unmarked courses are open to main campus students only.

Course # Course Title Units
PLG 301 Introduction to Regional Planning 3
PLG 402 Planning for Sustainable Cities and Regions 3
PLG 408 Climate Action Planning 3
PLG 468 Urban Transportation Planning 3
PLG 472 Environmental Land Use Planning 3
PLG 476 Land Development Process 3
PLG 497S Sustainable Urban Development and Design 3
LAR 420 Plant Materials 4
LAR 423 Landscape Ecology 3
LAR 440 Contemporary Landscape Architecture 3
ARC 461D Computer Energy Analysis 3
ARC 461K* Energy and the Environment* 3
ARC 461L* Energy Use in Buildings* 3
ARC 461M* Energy Efficient Design* 3
ARC 461N* Energy Auditing and Modeling* 3
ARC 461P Environmental Science Laboratory 3
LAR 471F* Introduction to Conservation of Cultural Resources* 3
RED 401* Introduction to Real Estate Finance* 3
RED 407* Survey of Responsible Real Estate Development* 3
RED 409* Due Diligence and Entitlements* 3
RED 415* Construction and Project Management* 3
RED 421* Placemaking and Urban Form* 3
RNR 448 Conservation Planning and Wildland Recreation 3

More Information

For more information on declaring the Minor in Sustainable Built Environments, please contact a CAPLA advisor.