Minor in Real Estate Development

The Minor in Real Estate Development prepares students to create and sustain value across multiple types of firms within the real estate industry.

Core faculty are award-winning thought leaders who have significant experience and history of engagement with real estate research and practice. 

Students who complete the minor will be prepared to work at a variety of real estate firms across an array of sizes and asset classes, having mastered skills demanded by the marketplace. You’ll learn from practitioners through cases, presentations, projects and networking events.


The Minor in Real Estate curriculum consists of six courses (18 units).

Core courses provide introductions to major concepts, strategies and empirical analytical techniques in residential and commercial real estate. Elective coursework facilitates student curiosity in complementary subject areas.

View the Minor in Real Estate Development Curriculum in PDF format:

Minor Core

Five courses in the minor core are required, for a total of 15 units:

Course # Course Title Units
RED 301 Introduction to Real Estate 3
RED 401 Introduction to Real Estate Finance 3
RED 407 Survey of Responsible Real Estate Development 3
PLG 476 The Land Development Process 3
RED 498 Professional Project for Real Estate Development 3
  Total Units 15

Minor Electives

One course from the following minor electives is required to complete the minor, for a minimum of 3 units.

Recommended CAPLA Electives

Course # Course Title Units
PLG 421 Placemaking and Urban Form 3
RED 409 Due Diligence and Entitlements 3
RED 415 Construction and Project Management 3
RED 485 Foundations of Economics for Planning and Real Estate Development 3
SBE 221 History of the Built Environment 3
SBE 301 Introduction to Design Thinking 4

Recommended Non-CAPLA Electives

Course # Course Title Units
ALC 410 Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture and the Life Sciences 3
ALC 411 Principles and Applications of Organizational Innovation 3
ALC 422 Communicating Knowledge in Agriculture and the Life Sciences 3
CE 381 Construction Engineering Management* 3
CE 482 Construction Project Planning, Scheduling and Control* 3
CE 483 Construction Cost Estimating* 3
ECON 301 Micro-Economic Analysis and Applications* 3
ECON 331 Macro-Economic Analysis and Policy* 3
FIN 304 Real Estate Principles 3
FIN 460 Real Estate Finance* 3
GEOG 305 Economic Geography* 3
GEOG 371 Principles and Practices of Regional Development* 3
GEOG 379 Urban Growth and Development* 3
GEOG 456 The American City* 3
GEOG 471 Problems in Regional Development* 3
POL 483 Urban Public Policy* 3

* Students must qualify by admission, prerequisite or instructor permission.

Recommended General Education Courses for Background

Course # Course Title Units
ECON 200 Basic Economic Issues 3
PHIL 205 Ethics, Economics of Wealth Creation 3
PLG 200 Sustainable Design and Planning 3
PLG 256 Sustainable Cities and Societies 3

More Information

For more information on declaring the Minor in Real Estate Development, please contact Sean Kramer-Lazar, student academic success specialist.