Brendan Sullivan Shea

Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture


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Brendan Shea

CAPLA East Building


  • Master of Architecture, Princeton University
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies, University of California, Los Angeles


Brendan Sullivan Shea is an architectural designer, researcher and educator. His scholarly research and architectural practice explores new technologies and novel strategies of architectural representation, often incorporating analysis of architectural precedents and environmental phenomena as a foundational step in the production of computationally-assisted new works. 

He is a co-creator of Reimaging, a practice and platform that cultivates representational futures for architectural production, and of Roundhouse, a collaborative curatorial platform focused on facilitating public engagement with the cultural commons and urban sphere. Reimaging’s essays have been published in ProjectARPA and POOL, and its design work has been exhibited at Center For Architecture NY, A+D Museum and One Night Stand Los Angeles. The exhibits, workshops and curatorial projects of Roundhouse have been supported by grants, fellowships and residencies from the Graham Foundation, Wikipedia, LA as Subject, USC Special Collections and WuHo.

Brendan holds a Master of Architecture from Princeton University School of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, summa cum laude, from the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at University of California Los Angeles. His graduate thesis “Reimaging Fabrication: How To Improvise With Robots” was awarded with distinction. He has tutored design studios and representation seminars at Texas Tech University and University of Southern California, as well as teaching design workshops upon invitation at Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture, Escuela Libre de Arquitectura, The Free School of Architecture-LA, Space Saloon, Virtual Care Lab, Lios Labs and the Spatial Awareness Network. 

He held the inaugural 2021 Research Fellowship at The School of Architecture (previously Taliesin West) and was awarded a 2022 MacDowell Fellowship, 2022 Research Residency from the onEarth Foundation, 2021 Artist Residency at the School of New Art Geographies, 2021 Artist Residency at Iowa Lakeside Lab and 2020 Artist Residency at Oakes Creek Ranch. He has delivered public presentations stateside at ACSA, ARCC and Land Arts of the American West, as well as internationally at the Japanese Society of Architectural Informatics, University of Sydney College of Architecture and National University of Singapore Department of Architecture. He has served as a member of juries at architecture institutions including UCLA, USC, SCIARC, OTIS, TSOA, TTU, UNM, Cal Poly and Woodbury. His scholarly writing has recently been published in journal articles, book chapters and online essays, including in Remote Practices: Architecture In Proximity (Lund Humphries, 2022), Earth Bits—Sensing the Planetary: Groundworks (MAAT Lisbon, 2021) and POOL Magazine (UCLA, 2020), while his design work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Lubbock, Texas and Berlin.

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