Laura Hollengreen

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Director, School of Architecture
Associate Professor of Architecture


  • Architecture
  • School of Architecture
Laura Hollengreen

CAPLA West 304

Areas of Expertise

  • Ancient and medieval architecture
  • History of ritual
  • History of urbanism
  • Theories of the visual


Join Laura Hollengreen for her Fall 2022 Humanities Seminars Program class, World War I and the Avant-Garde, a five-lecture series on Wednesdays, September 26 - October 25, 10 a.m. - noon.

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Laura Hollengreen is a historian specializing in Gothic art and architecture, with secondary interests in Roman and Byzantine culture as well as modern art and contemporary theory. She is associate professor of architecture and also serves as both associate director of the School of Architecture and associate dean of CAPLA for academic affairs. In between stints at UArizona (1995-2009, 2017-present), she was associate professor in the School of Architecture and assistant provost for academic advocacy and conflict resolution at Georgia Tech.

Dr. Hollengreen’s past research has centered on the reimagination of biblical narrative in both monumental and small-scale art of the 13th century, a period of considerable theological, pastoral, artistic and urban innovation. This research led to several stints in France and shorter periods in Germany and England. Currently, Dr. Hollengreen is engaged in a collaboration with a colleague in Sweden on medieval antecedents of contemporary virtual and augmented reality. Her editorial work has ranged from a manual of vernacular architecture in southern Arizona to Translatio, or the Transmission of Culture to Meet Me at the Fair, a compendium of new scholarship on world’s fairs.

Dr. Hollengreen has long enjoyed teaching introductory courses in architectural history, as well as advanced electives focused on particular periods or places, including courses taught abroad. Over a career spanning 25 years, she has offered numerous electives on topics that have been generative for students’ design work (patterns of dwelling, urban public space, museum design, landscapes of war and Capstone-related classes). She continues to advise doctoral students at Georgia Tech and is proud that a number of her undergraduate students have gone on to top graduate programs around the country.

Dr. Hollengreen has served in a variety of roles in academic administration and has been a strong leader on matters of interdisciplinary humanities research, women faculty, prevention of implicit bias and curriculum design and delivery. She currently serves on the UArizona Undergraduate and Graduate College Academic Administrator Councils and on the elected Committee of Eleven. As an advocate for students, she is committed to establishing efficient and equitable processes and channels of communication that support student success. She currently chairs the CAPLA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Dr. Hollengreen has also been active in the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and has played several roles for the International Center of Medieval Art.

Current Courses

  • ARC 435/535:  Forms of Critical Inquiry and Expression
  • ARC 471a/571a:  Light in Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture

Selected Publications

Hollengreen, Laura. “Qal’at Sim’an, a New Venue of Power in Late Antique Syria.” ARCC 2021 Performative Environments | University of Arizona Proceedings (forthcoming).

Hollengreen, Laura H. “Gothic Skins: Penitents at the Cathedral.” In Architecture and the Body, Science and Culture, pp. 67-85. Edited by Kim Sexton. London and New York: Routledge, 2018.

Meet Me at the Fair: A World’s Fair Reader. Edited by Laura Hollengreen, Celia Pearce, Rebecca Rouse and Bobby Schweizer. Pittsburgh: ETC Press, Carnegie Mellon University, 2014.

Hollengreen, Laura H., ed. Translatio, or the Transmission of Culture (Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies). Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance 13. Turnhout, Belgium:  Brepols, 2008.

Hollengreen, Laura H. “The Politics and Poetics of Possession:  Saint Louis, the Jews, and Old Testament Violence.” In Between the Picture and the Word, ed. Colum Hourihane, pp. 551-71. Manuscript Studies from the Index of Christian Art (In Honor of John Plummer).  University Park, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2005.

News, Research and Projects

Laura Hollengreen

Associate Professor Laura Hollengreen Wins Taubeneck Superior Teaching Award for ‘Localizing the Sacred’ Humanities Seminar

Laura Hollengreen, associate dean for academic affairs at CAPLA, has been awarded the Ted and Shirley Taubeneck Superior Teaching Award for her Humanities Seminar Program course, Localizing the Sacred: Medieval Christian Architecture and Art. The annual award is based solely on student evaluations.


World War I and the Avant-Garde: New UArizona Humanities Seminar Taught by Architecture Associate Professor Laura Hollengreen

From September 28 to October 26, 2022, Laura Hollengreen will lead an in-person and online UArizona Humanities Seminar that investigates the ecology of war in the later 19th and early 20th century to determine its impact on post-war perception, avant-garde art and architecture, and conceptions of place and memory.