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Who will design sustainable spaces honed by the poetics of place? You will.

Prospective students are required to submit application materials directly to the University of Arizona Graduate College. We are here to help you through the process.

Funding may be available for qualified students.

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Application Deadlines

April 4:
Summer Deadline for M Arch III (Students with Little or No Architectural Background)

FALL 2022
February 6:
1st Round Deadline (to be considered for assistantship funding)
April 3: 2nd Round Deadline (domestic/international students not requiring a visa) 
April 3: M Arch III Final Deadline 
May 31: M Arch II Final Deadline (domestic/international students not requiring a visa) 
May 31: WRGP Applicant Deadline 

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Admissions Requirements

Students applying to the program must meet University of Arizona Graduate College admissions standards.

  • Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited United States college or university, or equivalent in a non-US institution of higher learning. The undergraduate degree can be in any field of study. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in the last 90 graded quarter credit hours or last 60 graded semester credit hours is required.
  • Applicants who do not meet the required 3.0 GPA can apply as Graduate Non-Degree Seeking. After completion of 12 consecutive semester units of 500-level courses, and a 3.0 GPA or higher, applicants can apply as graduate degree seeking using their graduate GPA.
  • Those applicants who possess a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture or a closely related professional field may apply for advanced standing.
  • International students must demonstrate English language proficiency and submit scores from the TOEFL exam.

Application Process

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is not required to apply to the MS Arch.

Prospective students must submit application materials directly to the University of Arizona Graduate College. Apply online using GradApp, the Graduate College's online admissions application.

The nonrefundable application fee for degree-seeking domestic applications is $85, international applications are $95 and domestic, non-degree seeking applications are $45.

All applicants must upload the following documents using PDF format:

Personal Statement: You will be required to submit a Statement of Purpose, clearly and concisely delineating your focus or interest, special aptitude or personal characteristics and any other relevant factors related to your career aspirations in the profession of landscape architecture. Additionally, discuss your reasons for applying to the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the University of Arizona.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae: You will be asked to provide a biographical profile/resume including a complete record of academic and professional work.

Letters of Recommendation: You will be asked to provide the names and contact information (email address) of three persons who can comprehensively evaluate your record and potential for success in the graduate program. A combination of academic and professional recommendations is preferred. As soon as you have entered this information, an automatic email message will be sent to your recommender, explaining what is required and giving him/her instructions on how to log in on our website. On the recommendations site they will be asked to complete a form, and will also be able to upload a letter or type in some text if they wish to do so.

Supplemental materials (optional): Upload supplemental materials in PDF format, which may include various forms of creative work including drawings or paintings, graphic design, creative writing, woodwork, designs of outdoor/indoor spaces, photography, sculpture, etc.

Transcripts: One complete set of official college transcripts for all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework (diplomas, titulos). If these original documents are not in English, an official English translation must also be included. Submit these documents directly from the issuing institution to the Graduate College Online Application system. An official document must be submitted before formal admission to the Graduate College will be granted.

International students must also provide:

Financial Guarantee: Applicants must submit a Financial Guarantee form certifying they have sufficient U.S. funds for their first year of education. If family members are to accompany the student, additional funds are required. If the student receives a fellowship or an assistantship, the amount of the award will constitute part of the financial guarantee.

Proof of English Language Proficiency: TOEFL scores are required of applicants who speak English as a second language unless they have completed at least two years of full time academic study in the United States, English-speaking Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or other official English speaking countries at an accredited institution, culminating in the receipt of a bachelors or graduate degree that is awarded within two years of the term of enrollment.

Students must have 48 graded semester hours of upper division, undergraduate work or 30 graded semester hours of graduate work. If the student has been residing outside the English speaking country for more than 2 years since completing studies and earning a degree, he or she will be required to submit current TOEFL or IELTS scores as part of the admissions process. TOEFL results are valid for two years only.

Only scores of 79 or greater on the TOEFL (with a minimum score of 26 required for the Speaking section) and 7 or greater on the ILETS are acceptable. The Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) at The University of Arizona offers full-time English-language training for students who have not attained an acceptable score on their TOEFL.

Official transcripts may be mailed to:

CAPLA Graduate Programs Office
The University of Arizona
1040 N. Olive Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85721

Additional Application and Portfolio Considerations for M Arch III Candidates

CAPLA receives great variation in the M ARCH III applications and portfolios because prospective students come from diverse life, professional and educational backgrounds—some nearer to architecture such as interior design, graphic design, art and engineering; less obvious backgrounds include medicine, education, business, etc.

The admissions committee is comprised of four faculty, one staff member and one student. When we review applications and portfolios specifically, we are looking for the capacity and promise of an applicant to become an architect, generally technical, aesthetic, creative and social impact potential. In conceiving and developing your portfolio we encourage you to:

  1. concisely frame your understanding/interpretation of architecture
  2. present your motivation for studying architecture
  3. present your relevant qualities, skills and experience

Things you may want to illustrate in your portfolio could include 1) creative and/or utilitarian personal projects: crafts, furniture, home additions, creative/technical writing, pastries or drawings/illustrations, etc., and 2) academic or professional projects that exhibit technical, aesthetic or social experiences. Technical drawings are a plus; preferably drawn with a sensitive hand/eye rather than dry quantitative color-coded line weights (showing architectural potential beyond engineering experience).

In essence we recommend being straightforward about who you are and why you want to become an architect, and to present any visuals that help depict your relevant experiences and qualifications. It is very helpful if you can express why you want to study at the University of Arizona and in the Sonoran Desert.

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Youre ready to design sustainable spaces honed by the poetics of place.

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