Beth Weinstein

Associate Professor of Architecture

MS Arch Faculty Advisor, Critical Spatial Practice Concentration

Faculty Affiliate, School of Art

Faculty Affiliate, Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory GIDP, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty Affiliate, Arizona Institutes for Resilience

Master of Science in Architecture
School of Architecture
Beth Weinstein


Areas of Expertise

  • Architecture and design
  • Critical spatial practices
  • Performance and Choreography in/of Space
  • Spatial Politics
  • Public space
  • Sites of Internment


Doctor of Philosophy, College of Arts and Media, University of Tasmania

Master of Architecture, GSAPP, Columbia University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University

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Beth Weinstein’s practice and research move between the architectural and the performative, and across scales from drawing to performance-installations to urban interventions, investigating spatial manifestations and invisibilities of political, environmental, and labor issues. Her practice-based doctoral research explored how performances of spatial labor, employing architecture’s instruments (text, drawings and models), can render ‘sensible’ (in)visibilities around architectures of internment. She continues to ask what forms of architecture, and associated invisibilities, are produced through executive order and under states of exception.

Beth has extensively published on performativity in and of public space, theater architecture, and scenography (see publications below). She serves on the advisory editorial board of the Routledge Journal of Theater + Performance Design, and previously served on the editorial board of the Journal of Architectural Education. Building upon her research that resulted in the Collaborative Legacy of Merce Cunningham exhibition (2011-14), she is currently writing a book titled Architecture + Choreography: Collaborations in Dance, Space and Time (Routledge 2023). Through critical texts, photos and original drawings, Architecture + Choreography examines the artifacts and performance events that emerged through fifty collaborations, unpacking the methodologies, concepts, and approaches that pushed the boundaries of participants’ practices.

Beth is a registered architect and founded Architecture Agency in 2002 after more than a decade of practice in the offices of Jean Nouvel, Asymptote, SOM and others. She has coordinated and taught undergraduate and graduate design studios; capstone; critical inquiry; history, theory and techniques of representation; building technologies; and workshop-seminars exploring performance, politics and public space. Recent pedagogical projects explored how urban spaces invisible-ize, how states of exception curtail rights of assembly, and to critically question architecture through the lens of the anthropocene. She has lectured internationally, taught at ENSA Paris-Malaquais, the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA), Confluence Institute and Columbia University in Paris, as well as Columbia’s GSAPP, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Pratt Institute, and Parsons/The New School for Design.


  • ARC 195b Why Design Matters (BA DAP)
  • ARC 435/535 Forms of Critical Inquiry and Expression
  • ARC 451p Architecture + Performance
  • ARC 497 Project Inquiry
  • ARC 498 Capstone Studio

Select Publications

  • Weinstein, B. (2020) Installing Performances of Spatial Labour, Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts 14, 1&2, 117-130.
  • Weinstein, B. (2020) Erasing, Obfuscating, and Teasing out from the Shadows: Performing/Installing the Camps’ Invisibilities, Performance Research Journal (PRJ) 24.7: On Disappearance, 23-31. 
  • Weinstein, B. (2020) Choreographies of Spatial Labor as Critical Spatial Practice, Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined, Jonathan Bean, Susannah Dickinson, and Aletheia Ida, Editors, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Weinstein, B. (2019) Performances of Spatial Labor: Rendering the (In)visible Visible, Journal of Architectural Education, Work 73:2, 230-239
  • Weinstein, B. (2018) Bringing Performativity into Architectural Pedagogy, Performing Architectures: Contemporary Projects, Practices and Pedagogies, Andrew Filmer and Juliet Rufford, Editors, Methuen Drama – Engage Series. 
  • Weinstein, B.  (2017) Stage and Auditorium, The Routledge Companion to Scenography, Arnold Aronson, Editor. 
  • DOUGLAS, M., WEINSTEIN, B and OLIVER, J.  (2015) SHUTTLING, Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), 9, Dec. 2015.
  • Weinstein, B. (2013) Turned Tables: Public as Performer in Jean Nouvel’s Pre-Performance Spaces, Architecture as a Performing Art, Marcia F. Feuerstein and Gray Read, Editors, Ashgate Press, 163-176. 
  • Ground|Water: The Art, Design + Science of A Dry River. (2012) Ellen McMahon, Ander Monson, and Beth Weinstein, Editors. Tucson : Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry/University of Arizona Press.
  • Weinstein, B.  (2012) Performance Space: Distributed and Consolidated, Disappearing Stage: Reflections on the 2011 Prague Quadrennial, Arnold Aronson, Editor, The Theater Institute, 60-73. 
  • Weinstein, B. (2013), Performing Architectures: Closed and Open Logics of Mutable Scenes, Performance Research Journal 18.3 : On Scenography. 
  • Weinstein, B. (2011), SHiFT: A Performed Re-interpretation of Visionary Theater.  Journal of Architectural Education, 64:1,  87-98.
  • Weinstein, B. (2008), Flamand and his Architectural Entourage. Journal of Architectural Education 61:4, 25-33.