Morgan Oster

Adjunct Lecturer in Architecture

School of Architecture
Morgan Oster

Areas of Expertise

  • Design and graphic communication


B Arch, The University of Arizona

Morgan Oster is an Arizona native, raised in the woods of Flagstaff, a daughter of a naturalist and taxidermist. She spent most family vacations outdoors, camping across the Southwest. Her early experiences ingrained a sense of wonder for the natural world and a great respect for what came before us on this earth and what will come after us.

In her short time since graduating from the University of Arizona, she has spent three years practicing in Los Angeles. She gained her first professional experience at a small multidisciplinary firm of architects, interior and graphic designers, called Project M+. The collaborative environment and cross-pollination of design practices that occurred in studio enriched a more vibrant and textural understanding of the built and visual world.

In her personal life, she is an eclectic hobbyist and maker with a passion for the arts both high and low. 


  • ARC 101 Foundation Studio
  • ARC 131 Thinking about Architecture

Select Publications

  • Co-editor of [TRANS-]ient, the 2017 edition of the University of Arizona Academic Journal formerly known as [TRANS-] Academic Journal.